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Expats’ Lounge: tips for foreign residents living in Korea

Expats’ Lounge: tips for foreign residents living in Korea

Living in a foreign country can lead to unfamiliar situations and other circumstances that can sometimes be downright confusing. In an effort to help expatriates in Korea, the Expats’ Lounge section compiles a selection of articles about the essential things that foreign residents may find useful while living in Korea.

As more and more people move to Korea from overseas, the number of foreign residents exceeded the 1.4 million mark in 2012. We invite you to find out the ins and outs of Korean life and get tips on how to make the most out of your time in Korea.

For more information about legal issues pertaining to your stay, or on topics such as immigration, employment, housing, medical care, driver’s licenses, insurance, and banking, go to About Korea > Living in Korea on or click here: 

To download a PDF version of Things Newcomers Need to Know to Live in Korea, an English publication by the Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS), go to Resources > Publications > About Korea on or click here: 

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Seoul to introduce all-night bus service
Apr 24, 2013
In one of the most popular moves ever, the City of Seoul is introducing an all-night bus service. Service started on April 19, introducing two all-night bus routes t...


Bikesharing spreads in Korea
Apr 19, 2013
Korea is becoming the land of two wheels, as cycling facilities and routes are expanded in cities across the nation as well as the countryside. Bikesharing programs have ...