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Korea, Indonesia become partners in creative industries
Oct 22, 2013
* This is a contribution from Minister Yoo Jin-ryong of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to the Donga Ilbo, a daily newspaper. Minister Yoo Jin-ryong (photo: MCST)During a recent visit by President Park Geun-hye to Indonesia, in honor of the 40th anniversary of th...


Two famous journalists discover Joseon at the start of ...
Oct 17, 2013
In 1904, as war between Japan and Russia over Joseon (1392-1910) seemed imminent, newspapers around the world began to send correspondents to Japan and Joseon. The Japanese government, however, was interested in maintaining control over the flow of information and restricted the ...


Touring Namsan, the fascinating south mountain of Gyeon...
Sep 23, 2013
Gyeongju, the ancient capital city of the Silla Kingdom, contains at least seven well-known sacred mountains, all within the National Park areas. However, the most famous of them all is popularly called simply Namsan (South Mountain). It is the most important sacred mountain in t...


Making yellow tea in Jirisan
Sep 05, 2013
Until quite recently, Korea’s green tea was almost entirely produced and drunk by monks. The only tea bushes in Korea grew wild around ancient temples in the southern regions, providing monks with fresh leaves in springtime which they dried using a quite simple method of heating ...


Green Tea in Jirisan
Aug 21, 2013
The area around Hwaeom-sa Temple in Gurye, on the westernmost slopes of Jirisan, is famous for the many ancient tea bushes growing there. The tea growing around Hwaeom-sa is truly wild, having spread freely across the hillsides among the bamboo groves since it was first planted t...


Korean War brought to life
Aug 12, 2013
This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Korean Armistice Agreement which brought an end to the fighting in the Korean War. When North Korean troops crossed the 38th parallel on the morning of June 25, 1950, they put into motion a maelstrom which would consume the Korean ...


A Celebration of James Scarth Gale
Jul 26, 2013
One of the most wonderful books ever published by the RAS Korea Branch has as its title James Scarth Gale and his History of the Korean People . Its author/editor was Richard Rutt, an Anglican missionary who served for a number of years as the Anglican bishop of Daejeon before he...


Gyeongju, Korea’s treasure house
Jul 10, 2013
The RAS usually organizes at least two excursions to Gyeongju every year. It is the single most important ancient cultural site in Korea and everyone who spends some time in the country should visit it. It is one of my personal favorite places, and it is a great pleasure for me t...


Seoul’s Twin Pagodas
Jun 20, 2013
In the very center of Seoul there is a small park that is nowadays usually called “Tapgol Park.” It used to be known as “Pagoda Park” in English, which was more helpful for foreign visitors, since very few non-Koreans will recognize that the “Tap” of Tapgol means “pagoda.” There ...


Discovering Korea
Jun 07, 2013
Everyone who arrives in Korea begins an adventure of discovery. There are the mostly excellent first impressions: the wonderful airport at Incheon; the quick, bright, clean trains into Seoul; the easy-to-navigate Seoul subway system; the towering modern buildings in the city cent...