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Diplomacy of Korean paper art
Oct 17, 2016
By Liliek SoelistyoWhen we check the meaning of the word "diplomacy," we see that it is the work of maintaining good relations between governments of different countries. Yes, for sure, one of those good relations is between Korean and Indonesia through the art of paper folding a...


What is the secret behind Korea’s great 8090 nostalgia-...
Oct 11, 2016
By Tim Alper Up until a few years ago, almost everywhere you went in Korea you would see bars advertising themselves as “7080” establishments. For the uninitiated, these numbers might seem confusing, but in Korea, it refers to the generation that had its heyday in the 1970s...


Renovations: exploring new uses of Mokpo’s colonial arc...
Oct 07, 2016
By Charles Usher The city of Mokpo is wedged into a small peninsula in southwest Korea where the Yeongsan River empties into the Yellow Sea. It’s separated from the open ocean by a series of islands so numerous and messy they resemble splatterings of paint on the canvas of ...


Five ways to be a bit British in Korea
Sep 30, 2016
By Sophie Bowman When I was back in the U.K. for a few weeks this summer, I realized that there were a few things I could do to feel more of a British vibe when I got back to Korea. Looking at the resulting list of five things, they can all be done pretty much anywhere and,...


Koreans are sensitive to trends
Sep 22, 2016
By Daria Todorova How would you feel if you came across someone on the street who was dressed just like you? You might find it surprising, interesting or funny. You might end up laughing. Most of us, at least once in our lives, have come across this sort of situation; on...


Sep 21, 2016
By Ilya Belyakov One of the typical misconceptions that Koreans have about Russia concerns liquor. I am sick of hearing from them that all Russians drink strong liquor like water because it's very cold in Russia. The problem is that I have no idea where to start bre...


“Let Me In”
Sep 20, 2016
By Liliek Soelistyo Several times I watched a Korean reality show “Let Me In” in my TV cable, I felt like I was attending the show and my heart was melting to see how a person’s life can change through the beauty makeovers via plastic surgery. “Let Me In” is a TV program that ...

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Why Do So Many K-pop Stars Appear in Korean Dramas?
Sep 12, 2016
By Tim Alper In the West, few pop stars have made the successful transition from the recording studio to the small screen. In most cases, singers who have tried their hands at both music and television acting have encountered limited success. Of course, a few notable exceptions ...


Thoughts about Korean archers
Sep 08, 2016
By Lyudmila Mikheesku People say sports have neither border nor nationality. This means they bring together all the people from around the globe, unlike politics that can hamper integration among people. In ancient Greece where the Olympics originated, people even stopp...


Korean real estate
Aug 31, 2016
By Ilya Belyakov Most non-Koreans who have lived in Korea for extended periods will have experienced the inconveniences of the country's real estate system. If you happen to be a specialist or an executive, hired by a conglomerate, housing was probably never an issu...