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The viral video-led democratization of K-pop
May 26, 2016
By Tim Alper People often refer to music as an "industry," but perhaps nowhere is that term more appropriate than Korea. K-pop is a serious money-spinner, not just for the domestic market, but also across Asia and beyond. Last year’s five best-selling K-pop artists alone...

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What to do when you find a matjip
May 02, 2016
By Sophie Bowman Have you heard of the term matjip? It’s a great complement if the friend I've dined with says that I've brought them to a real matjip that they never knew existed. Whenever a friend takes me somewhere new and I think it’s a matjip, it goes down on record in ...


Characteristics of Korean soap operas, from an overseas...
Apr 29, 2016
By Lyudmila Mikheesku I guess I naturally developed the new hobby of enjoying Korean soap operas ever since I began to learn the Korean language. I wasn't initially interested in Korean TV dramas, but I gradually watched Korean shows as I learned the language. I th...


Korea, the coffee kingdom
Apr 26, 2016
By Kislova Evgeniya A cup in the morning. A cup after lunch, and another cup with friends after work. Coffee! One of the fascinating things about Korea is just how much people there love coffee. Unlike the Chinese or Japanese who prefer their teas, Koreans are all a...


Korean subways
Apr 21, 2016
By Daria Todorova I'm working at a company that runs a Korea-Russia joint project, and due to my work, I had to visit Seoul. Revisiting Seoul a long time after my last visit, I saw, felt and thought about many things, including Korean subway systems. Recently, I r...


What child-rearing customs reveal about Korea
Apr 19, 2016
By Tim Alper As any resident of Korea will attest, there are few occasions quite as notable as a dol, a child’s first birthday. The grandeur of this day can eclipse even that of a wedding. However, the dol is only the very tip of a large iceberg when it comes to e...


Spring: a season of flowers and aromas
Apr 18, 2016
By Yuldashevwa Shakhlo Korea enjoys all four seasons. Each of Korea's seasons has its own characteristics and charms. In the summer, the best thing to do is to play in the water, while in the autumn, it's going on a picnic to enjoy the red, orange and yellow leaves. In th...


Small theaters on Daehangno Street
Apr 11, 2016
By Ilya Belyakov If you ask people what Seoul's Daehangno Street is famous for, all of them will say it's famous for small theaters. University students gather there and hang out, with plenty of places to eat, and watch things and take pictures along the roads from the Ihw...


West Village
Apr 04, 2016
One of Seoul’s oldest neighborhoods tries to strike a balance between tradition and modernity By Charles Usher The Tongin Herbal Medicine Dispensary sits on a little alley in a neighborhood informally called Seochon, meaning “West Village,” on account of it being on tha...


Korean jjimjilbang
Mar 29, 2016
By Daria Todorova In Korea, there are special places called jjimjilbang. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, a jjimjilbang is basically a public, clothed coed sauna and bathhouse where you can take baths and also enjoy different types of saunas. On top of these ...