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Things you have to get used to when you live in Korea
Mar 28, 2016
By Kislova Evgeniya The number of non-Korean residents, not travelers, in Korea is reportedly about 1,569,470, one online article says. At first, there're things that non-Koreans think weird about Korea, but later enjoy about life there. Today, however, I want to talk abo...


Apartment life
Mar 24, 2016
By Sophie Bowman If you’ve ever flown into Gimpo Airport or ridden a bus through Seoul or climbed to the top of any of the small mountains in and around the city and looked down, you will know that Korea’s capital is full of apartment blocks. They rise up in clusters of ...


Treasures of medical science
Mar 22, 2016
By Yuldashevwa Shakhlo “A doctor should have the wisdom of a snake and heart of a lion.” Aviccena When it comes to great figures of Korean history, many people would think of either King Sejong the Great (1397-1450) or Admiral Yi Sun-shin (1545-1598). Howev...


Korean films in Russia
Mar 21, 2016
Lyudmila Mikheesku In Russia, the fan base for K-pop and Korean dramas is ever-expanding. Despite this, however, the average Russian knows little about Korea and even less about Korean film. When Europeans began to take an interest in Korean film during the 2...


The secrets of Korea's sporting success
Mar 18, 2016
By Tim Alper One thing that will almost certainly bewilder any sport-loving traveler to Korea is the sheer variety of athletic activity to be found in what is, relatively speaking, a small country. Whether you are a keen would-be participant or prefer to sit in the stands...


Korea's coffee culture
Mar 16, 2016
When Russians come to Korea for the first time, they are often taken aback by the country's habit of drinking coffee, due in part to the preconception that Koreans prefer tea, like their Asian neighbors. In reality, however, Korean coffee consumption is reported to be higher than...


Korean work life
Mar 03, 2016
By Kislova Evgeniya These days, many global companies set up overseas branches and hire local staff to run their new offices. Korean conglomerates are a part of this trend, but in my opinion it's difficult for these enterprises to become truly global. This is because there's...


Feb 29, 2016
By Charles Usher During any given morning rush hour, line five of the Seoul subway is packed with bankers heading from northern and eastern residential neighborhoods to the river island of Yeouido, the country’s financial center. As they near their offices and the train pass...


Small misunderstandings between Korea and Russia
Feb 25, 2016
By Daria Todorova When I came back to Russia with my Korean boyfriend after living in Korea, I happened to have a meal with an old couple that was from the U.K. and Russia. Both of them said they visited Korea when they were young, so we enjoyed a long chat with them. ...


Baked Good
Feb 23, 2016
Charles Usher By Charles Usher The Parc des expositions de Paris-Nord Villepinte sits on a plot of land northeast of the French capital, next to Charles de Gaulle airport. It’s the second-largest convention center in France, and it features the same anonymously malleab...