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Korean real estate
Aug 31, 2016
By Ilya Belyakov Most non-Koreans who have lived in Korea for extended periods will have experienced the inconveniences of the country's real estate system. If you happen to be a specialist or an executive, hired by a conglomerate, housing was probably never an issu...


Wedding traditions in Korea
Aug 30, 2016
By Kislova Evgeniya It's always beautiful to see a bride in a white dress and a groom in a tuxedo walking down the aisle. A wedding is, normally, a once-in-a-lifetime ceremony. A closer look at the ceremony, however, reveals tons of money, and months of preparation and stres...


Coming home
Aug 24, 2016
By Sophie BowmanAfter living in Korea for five years, a strange inversion has happened. When I first visited Seoul, everything was so different in unimagined ways. Things like lampposts, bakeries, the sound they play on the subway before the train comes in: all were exotic and al...


Back in Time Part 2: A trip to Hahoe Village
Aug 23, 2016
By Charles Usher It was around sundown when we heard the gunshots. My girlfriend and I had come to Hahoe Maeul, a village in Gyeongsangbuk-do Province that’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to the way in which it has preserved both its traditional Hanok homes and centuri...


Korea’s dishonor at topping OECD suicide rankings
Aug 17, 2016
By Lyudmila Mikheesku Suicide is a chronic social issue that exists around the world, and, in particular, it is a serious issue in Korea. The nation has topped the suicide rankings among members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) ever ...


Korean athletes at the Olympics
Aug 16, 2016
By Daria Todorova Seoul, Korea, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the summer Olympic Games are being held, are 12 hours apart. Football fans in Seoul can watch Team Korea's football matches only by staying up until, or waking up before, 4 a.m. Even though staying up or waking up ...


What does traditional medicine mean to modern Koreans?
Aug 10, 2016
By Tim Alper Korea is a unique country in many ways. In terms of healthcare, there is possibly nowhere else on earth quite like it. Companies and employees contribute directly to a central fund, managed by the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS), with contri...


Korea and the Korean Wave
Aug 05, 2016
By Kislova Evgeniya Contemporary Korean pop culture has been spreading around the world in what has been called the Korean Wave. Korean cultural events, like concerts and exhibits, are also being held across the world. Today, I would like to talk about the Korea-Russia Cu...


Superstitions in Korea
Aug 01, 2016
By Kislova Evgeniya When we go to a new country overseas, we can learn a lot about the superstitions and taboos of the new nation. Some people do believe them, while others don’t, but we can't deny the fact that superstitions have an effect on the lifestyle of people ever...


Descendants of the Sun
Jul 29, 2016
By Ilya BelyakovSurfing the channels at home recently, I came across a rerun of the hit TV series "Descendants of the Sun." Though I didn't watch it when it was first aired earlier in the spring, I've heard a lot about the show because it was one of the biggest hit shows this yea...