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2NE1 talks fashion and nails on MTV Style

2NE1 has been popping up on so many American media outlets these days, we almost missed MTV Style’s spotlight on the group last month.

The girls sat down with MTV Style during their recent visit to New York City to talk fashion, music and nails. 2NE1’s leader CL talked about the group’s approach to style, saying that the music often inspires the clothes.

She also said the group enjoys making unexpected style choices, stating, “We like to mix it up, like [for] song Lonely. It’s a slow song, but we wore funky outfits.”

You can’t talk fashion without mentioning nails these days, and when the cameras zoomed in on the members’ blinged-out nails, Park Bom and Minzy revealed that they did their nails themselves.

“We never decided to be fashionably edgy, you know. I mean, we just love fashion,” said CL. “I think fashion is like a lifestyle, so you don’t try. I think it’s just there.”

She makes it sound so easy, doesn′t she?

The MTV Style piece was even picked up by Rolling Stone, who mentioned the group in its News Roundup on December 29. We weren’t exaggerating when we said 2NE1 is, literally, everywhere.

Check out the video below.

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