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ZE:A tops charts in Taiwan and Philippines

ZE:A is setting up new bases overseas by topping overseas album charts.

ZE:A wrapped up Korean promotions for its special single album Exciting, which was released in the summer, and concentrated on individual ventures such as variety, acting and musicals along with overseas promotions. As a result, the group is gathering some interest not only in Japan but also many areas of Southeast Asia.

ZE:A performed in Taiwan’s holiday special Super Star Red and White Variety Awards, which aired on TTV in early January, and also worked hard to spread Korean culture by wearing hanbok to a local press conference.

The group’s compilation album of its hits, The Most Powerful ZE:A…Ever!, topped the ‘Best Selling K-Pop Album Chart’ on Taiwan’s largest album chart G-Music. It could also be found on the higher ranks of Five Music and eZPeer along with the group’s Japanese single Daily Daily.

ZE:A even met with its fans in Singapore, where it’s promoting for the first time since its debut, with a showcase, fansigning events and television broadcasts. Exciting, which contains the single Watch Out!! came in first on the foreign album chart of the Philippine Astro Chart.

A rep from Star Empire stated, “Last year the group concentrated on Japanese promotions, and this year, we’re planning many chances for the group to meet fans from all over Asia. We’ll work hard this year to go through with solo promotions and overseas [group] promotions at the same time, all the while working harder in preparations for the group’s Korean comeback to establish a strong foothold for the group in Korea and overseas.”

ZE:A is currently preparing for its upcoming album and is aiming for a comeback in the first half of the year.

Photo credit: Star Empire

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