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'Architecture 101' overtakes 'Helpless' in total number of moviegoers

Source : enewsWorld (tvN)

Architecture 101 has finally overtaken Helpless in the number of total moviegoers.

According to the April 10 data compiled by the Korean Film Council, Architecture 101 , which was released in theaters on March 22, was viewed by 2,460,050 moviegoers since its release and surpassed Helpless, which was seen by 2,415,132 moviegoers.

As of April 9, Architecture 101 had drawn 2,384,715 moviegoers to theaters and was trailing behind Helpless by 30,000 viewers. However, Architecture 101 was able to pull in 75,335 viewers the next day and overtook Helpless, which was only able to attract 4,335 moviegoers, for the very first time.

Although both movies hope to surpass the 2.5 million mark, Architecture 101 appears to have the upper hand as of now. And even though it has been more than four weeks since the film's release, Architecture 101 continues to attract over 50,000 moviegoers during the week, easily securing the top spot in the box office. In fact, the movie has yet to lose the number one spot since its release.

As such, Architecture 101 is expected to surpass the 2.5 million mark on April 11. Moreover, as April 11 is a national holiday due to the general elections, the movie is expected to draw far more than its usual 50,000 weekday viewers.

On the other hand, Helpless will enter its sixth week in theaters and appears to be in its final screening stages. Although the movie enjoyed the top spot in the box office during its first two weeks, it has only managed to bring in 4,000 to 5,000 viewers a day the past few days. Helpless needs to bring in another 90,000 viewers to reach the 2.5 million mark and the movie’s staying power should prove to be the deciding factor in reaching its goal.

Meanwhile, Architecture 101 has also changed the 2012 box office rankings, replacing Helpless as the fourth highest grossing film behind The War Against Crime, Dancing Queen and Unbowed.

Photo credit: Myung Films

* Article from CJ E&M enewsWorld ( Oh, MiJung
* Translation Credit: Ju Ahn Lee

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