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Idol stars' airport fashion takes off

Source : enewsWorld (tvN)

The airport has become the place for celebrities to show off their personal style, And although the stars play it cool for the cameras, hiding behind oversized sunglasses and designer iPad cases, they know they have to be on top of their style game from security checkpoint to boarding gate.

Airport fashion is all about appearing effortlessly put-together—striking the perfect balance between casual, just-rolled-out-of-bed cool and trendsetter chic.

This is easier said than done, of course, and some stars, like Girls' Generation's Tiffany, even admit it can be stressful at times.

We caught some of our favorite idol stars at the Gimpo International Airport jetting off to Japan for Mnet's M Countdown Hello Japan concert on April 25 and rounded up the hit and miss looks they were rocking on the airport runway.

Busker Busker plays it safe

How cute. They're matching. When in doubt, throw on a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and cardigan, and it appears that's exactly what all three of the Busker Busker members did.

Although they may be dressed a little rookie-safe, we're willing to let it go because their debut album is worthy of all the hype it has been getting. Plus their jeans are fitted. And, sometimes, that's all a girl can ask for.

MBLAQ and John Park go Men in Black

There's nothing particularly off-putting about former Superstar K2 contestant John Park's all-black ensemble, but it's almost May, and we would've loved to see a little more color. Fan girls may be ‘Falling' head over heels in love for him, but his outfit has us falling asleep.

The MBLAQ members went for the all-black look as well, but members Lee Joon and Thunder added their own bad boy twist. Still, it's a problem if we're more curious about what's inside the pink sack that Lee Joon is carrying rather than what he's wearing. Step it up, boys!

FT Island gets funky

While FT Island members Lee Jae-jin, Choi Min-hwan and Song Seung-hyun went the Busker Busker route in skinny jeans and graphic tees. Lee Hong-gi and Choi Jong-hoon just…went.

What happens when you try to squeeze every print known to man into one outfit? See Lee Hong-gi. From polka dots and snakeskin to the skull and crossbones, Lee Hong-gi has all of the bases covered.

Speaking of having all of the bases covered, who else thinks Lee Hong-gi's sweater-cape could double as one of those airplane blankets we're all guilty of stealing at one point in our lives?

Meanwhile, Choi Jong-hoon appears to be having a Jersey Shore moment in his tight V-neck and gray sweatpants. And is that a gym bag we spy? Who else thinks the white sunglasses and the expression on his face scream The Situation? Jong-hoon seems to know a thing or two about GTL.

Tiger JK-Yoon Mirae and Dynamic Duo keep cool

If anyone knows how to look cool without trying, it's hip hop couple Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae. They lay low in the standard airport fare, jeans and T-shirts, while Yoon Mirae accessorizes with a pair of Beats.

Dynamic Duo's Gaeko keeps it casual cool in a cardigan and Timberlands, while a peace sign is the only accessory member Choiza needs to stand out in the crowd.

Secret rolls out of bed

Yawn. The Secret members look like they actually rolled out of bed in their loose-fitting T-shirts and leggings. The only thing exciting about their outfits is member Hyosung's leopard print lace-ups. Must. Steal.

SISTAR covers up

From Hyolyn's denim jumper to Soyou's maxi skirt, it's weird seeing so much cloth on the SISTAR members since they began promoting their comeback single Alone. We almost didn't recognize them without their tight-fitting one pieces and short skirts.

miss A covers all the bases

Do we spy a couple look because we almost did a double take when we saw Min of miss A. From the red fedora to the clashing prints, Min is the yin to FT Island Hong-ki's yang.

Meanwhile, Fei looks New York chic in a white blouse and slacks and Jia puts a sporty spin on the casual look in a hooded zip up and denim shorts.

Which ′airport look' are you feeling the most?

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

* Article from CJ E&M enewsWorld( Nancy Lee

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