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Culture Minister to address university students about IPR

Source : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Culture Minister Yu In-chonMinister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Yu In-chon will give a special lecture at Korea University on Dec. 2 under the theme "The government’s copyright policy direction and what college students should do."

His lecture has been planned as part of the ministry’s efforts to enhance students’ understanding of copyright by helping colleges and universities open an intellectual property curriculum.

In the lecture, Minister Yu will emphasize that an enhanced understanding of intellectual property through proper education is a requirement for future leaders.

He will also listen to students’ views after explaining to them the new government’s policy direction and tasks to become one of the world’s five largest cultural content powerhouses by 2012 and emerge as an advanced nation, as far as intellectual property and copyright is concerned.

To help colleges and universities open an intellectual property curriculum in the future, the Culture Ministry will help them develop educational materials, provide services concerning the use of certified standard software, and give special lectures on copyright to freshmen students.

By Chung Myung-je Chief Staff Writer


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