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Korea, Saudi Arabia agree to broaden cooperation
Mar 04, 2015
President Park Geun-hye, currently in Saudi Arabia on a four-state visit to the Middle East, held a bilateral summit with Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the king of Saudi Arabia, on March 3 at the Erga Palace in Riyadh. The two heads of state discussed ways to strengthen their bil...


Korea, Kuwait hold summit
Mar 03, 2015
President Park Geun-hye held a summit meeting with the emir of Kuwait, Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah, at the Bayan Palace in Kuwait City on March 2. President Park said the two nations have continuously maintained a friendly, cooperative relationship since the beginni...


'Korea, Kuwait take new step forward toward economic co...
Mar 03, 2015
President Park Geun-hye, currently in Kuwait on a four-state visit to the Middle East, visited the Sheikh Jaber Causeway construction site on March 2. The Sheikh Jaber Causeway, set to be completed at the end of 2018, is 48-kilometers long and will become one of the world's longe...


President stresses duty to achieve hopes, dreams
Mar 02, 2015
President Park Geun-hye said she will make every effort so that in 30 years the Korean people will be able to celebrate the 100th anniversary of liberation as a unified country, standing tall as an economic powerhouse. The president was speaking at a ceremony to mark the...


Korea, Czech Rep. agree to upgrade relationship
Feb 27, 2015
Korea and the Czech Republic have made big strides in improving their bilateral relationship. President Park Geun-hye and Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka held a bilateral summit at Cheong Wa Dae on February 26. The two leaders announced in a joint statement that the...


Promoting Korea via cultural exchange
Feb 26, 2015
One of the most important cultural policy priorities for the Park Geun-hye administration as it enters its third year is national branding. In a New Year report to Cheong Wa Dae last month, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism underlined national branding as a cru...


Ebola aid workers return home safely
Feb 26, 2015
The second batch of Korean aid workers who treated patients infected with the deadly Ebola virus in Sierra Leone has safely returned to Korea after four weeks of humanitarian work. The second team, consisting of four doctors and five nurses, returned to Korea on February ...


Info on uninhabited islands goes online
Feb 26, 2015
There are over 3,000 islands along the Korean coast, as three sides of the country are surrounded by the sea. Most of them are uninhabited islands. The government currently oversees 2,693 of these desolate islets. Beginning in May, information about 2,421 of these unmann...


President prioritizes economic revival
Feb 24, 2015
President Park Geun-hye has said that the government should place economic revival as its top priority in managing state affairs this year. "No matter what we do, we should always consider how it is related to economic revival and make every endeavor throughout the year,...


Books on Dokdo available worldwide
Feb 23, 2015
Educational reference books about Dokdo Island, including photographs and maps, have now been published. "Meet our Land Dokdo Island" and "East Sea and Dokdo through Maps and Photos" will both be distributed to all elementary, middle and high schools across the country. ...