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New book lists Southeast Asian medicinal plants
Mar 09, 2016
A catalog of medicinal plants from Cambodia and Laos helps practitioners of traditional medicine in both those countries and elsewhere. A catalog of 196 species of plants and herbs that have long been used for medicinal purposes in Cambodia and Laos is now available. ...


Pyongyang will pay the price for any further provocatio...
Mar 08, 2016
President Park Geun-hye urged her administration to ensure that all U.N. member states are capable of fully implementing the latest resolutions and additional sanctions at a multilateral or bilateral level. President Park was speaking during a meeting with senior presid...


Korea, Indonesia strengthen cooperation on e-government
Mar 07, 2016
Minister of the Interior Hong Yun-sik (left) and Indonesian Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Yuddy Chrisnandi pose for a photo during a signboard-hanging ceremony to mark the opening of the Korea-Indonesia Electronic Government Cooperation Center in Jakarta on M...


Korea extends cooperation with Iran, Hungary
Mar 04, 2016
Korea will bolster its cooperation with Iran and Hungary. The two governments held the 11th Meeting on the Joint Commission on Economic Cooperation between Iran and Korea in Tehran on Feb. 29. In the meeting, both governments discussed ways to extend cooperation in ...


Korean, Egyptian leaders hold summit talks
Mar 04, 2016
President Park Geun-hye held a summit meeting with Egypt's President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in Seoul on March 3. President Park expressed her gratitude to Egypt for actively contributing to the process of adopting a new resolution against North Korea as a non-permanent m...


Statement by President Park Geun-hye on the United Nati...
Mar 04, 2016
President Park Geun-hye states that the U.N. Security Council’s adoption of a new resolution against North Korea is a strong message from the international community in support of peace on the Korean Peninsula. She was speaking at the 48th National Prayer Breakfast on March 3 in ...


Park administration reaches out through arts, tradition...
Mar 03, 2016
There is a fashion show of traditional costumes from both Korea and Vietnam, aimed at expanding cultural understanding between the two nations. There's a collaborative puppet show of Czech marionettes featuring Korean pansori epic singing. There's a contemporary art exhibition be...


UN unanimously adopts resolution against NK
Mar 03, 2016
U.N. Security Council Resolution 2270 on North Korea was unanimously adopted on March 3, imposing tightened sanctions on North Korea for having continued developing its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. Following the resolution, the South Korean government ...


Park administration promotes cultural industries, welfa...
Mar 02, 2016
Three years into her presidency, President Park Geun-hye has solidified the foundation for a new economic take-off, and to accomplish all this the Park Geun-hye administration has relied on "culture" as a driving force for economic growth. Since 2013, the government has c...


The choice is now North Korea's to make: President
Mar 02, 2016
President Park Geun-hye expresses her will to make Pyongyang give up its nuclear weapons program in her speech on the 97th anniversary of the March First Independence Movement on March 1. A commemoration ceremony marking the 97th anniversary of the March First Independence Move...