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KRW 316 trillion set aside for social welfare
Aug 08, 2014
The government has established its first set of social welfare policy goals, setting aside KRW 316 trillion between now and 2018, as announced during a cabinet meeting on August 5. The plan is designed to improve the country's social welfare system by building social safety nets ...


Humanities education enhances wisdom: President
Aug 08, 2014
Students at elementary and secondary schools are to be given expanded opportunities to study the humanities in the form of concerts and clubs. Also, regardless of one's major, all university students will be required to attend lectures on both the humanities and the natural scien...


Korea re-elected as major investor in global deep-sea m...
Aug 05, 2014
Korea has been re-elected by the Assembly of the International Seabed Authority (ISA) as one of the four major Group B investor states in the international body, countries which have made some of the larger investments into deep-sea mining projects worldwide. The announcement was...


President sends condolences to earthquake victims in Ch...
Aug 05, 2014
President Park Geun-hye sent a message of condolence to Chinese President Xi Jinping on August 4 concerning the recent earthquake that hit the area of Zhaotong in Yunnan Province in southeastern China.President Park Geun-hye (right) and Chinese President Xi Jinping hold a joint p...


Gov't invests KRW 41 trillion to boost economy
Aug 01, 2014
The economic team of the Park Administration has decided at a recent meeting to provide over KRW 41 trillion in economic stimulus to the domestic economy. The decision came out of concern that the nation's economic growth continues to be slowing and that the current recovery rema...


Korea, Mekong region to boost cooperation
Jul 31, 2014
Korea and five countries along the Mekong River have reached an agreement to further expand economic and developmental cooperation. Foreign ministers from Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar gathered in Seoul on July 29 to discuss a wide range of issues concernin...


Korean letter arrangement accepted as int’l standard
Jul 30, 2014
The arrangement of Korean letters, syllabic blocks, digits and symbols has recently been newly added as an international standard used by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). At the ITU-T Study Group meeting in June this year, the Cheonjiin (천지인) system of arranging K...


President meets Tokyo governor
Jul 28, 2014
President Park Geun-hye met with Yoichi Masuzoe, governor of Tokyo, on July 25 to discuss pending issues between Korea and Japan, including ongoing historical debates between the two countries. President Park said that the peoples of the two nations have amiable relations and a t...


Gov’t to help overseas workers receive severance pay
Jul 24, 2014
Korea will strengthen the management of its departure guarantee insurance system that covers non-Korean workers in the country. The Korean government will help foreign workers receive their departure guarantee insurance, which many of them fail to receive when they depart Ko...


Park administration launches 2nd cabinet lineup
Jul 22, 2014
Park Geun-hye's administration has officially launched its second lineup of cabinet members. President Park swore into office seven ministerial level officials on July 18, including Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Strategy and Finance Choi Kyung Hwan, and four vice-minist...