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Korea, Ethiopia cooperate on food security
Jan 30, 2015
Korea and Ethiopia have discussed food supply policies, including the stockpiling of food for public use and how to manage state-purchased grain. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) introduced Korea's policies regarding food security for public use and on ...


Minister Yun Byung-se stresses importance of reunificat...
Jan 30, 2015
Minister of Foreign Affairs Yun Byung-se explained Korea's reunification policy and stressed the importance of reunification on the Korean Peninsula during a meeting held on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on January 22. During Korea Night, Yun ta...


Libraries evolve into cultural complexes
Jan 29, 2015
There are a number of children playing in the indoor playground. There is also a breastfeeding room. Visitors can access free WiFi anywhere in the building for their information technology (IT) gadgets. There are free lectures on the humanities and on practical technologies, and ...


Korean gov't denounces terrorism
Jan 28, 2015
The Korean government has condemned the terrorist act regarding the recent killing of a Japanese hostage. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on January 26 saying that, "The Korean government is appalled and outraged over the murder of Haruna Yukawa in a terrorist ...


Autos are core of creative economy: president
Jan 28, 2015
President Park Geun-hye has said that she will help Gwangju develop into a portal to the automobile industry in order to make the city a leader in the so-called “hydrogen economy.” She also said that the whole range of businesses across whole industries -- from traditional market...


Seoul mourns passing of Saudi king
Jan 28, 2015
The Korean government has made a formal condolence call and sent a delegation composed of high-profile officials to honor the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia who passed away on January 23. The Korean government’s delegation expressed its condolences while attending a group mou...


Forest disaster monitoring system put in place
Jan 28, 2015
A new monitoring system to instantly detect forest disasters, including forest fires, has now been put in place.When a forest fire occurs, the new system will help locate historical monuments or other important buildings that are nearby, as well as overhead power lines. The syste...


Arts, music, theater spread to everyday life
Jan 27, 2015
Starting this year, there will be more opportunities for people to enjoy the arts, museums, music and theater as part of their daily routine. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Presidential Committee for Cultural Enrichment will expand its Cultural Wednesday prog...


Gov’t to push nationwide innovation, happiness for all
Jan 23, 2015
The government will set up policies to accomplish its dual goals of promoting innovation across the country and helping people to be happier in their day-to-day lives. A total of 14 government ministries, including the ministries of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Education and Heal...


Water supply technology shared with Southeast Asia
Jan 23, 2015
Many more people around the world now have access to safe drinking water as Korea's technology to supply clean water has been shared with other nations. Three hundred home-use water purifiers that can eliminate arsenic and provide clean drinking water were delivered to the villag...