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Yeosu Expo: the future of IT expos

Korea is showing off its IT infrastructure at the Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea. Various facilities and buildings at the venue make use of such technology including near field communication (NFC), geographic information system (GIS), and radio frequency identification (RFID). It is expected that visitors can enjoy the Expo easily and conveniently using various IT services offered by the Expo.

NFC is a set of standards for smartphones that allows devices to communicate with one another when within a distance of 10 cm. The Expo has a separate ticket barrier for NFC mobile admission tickets which allows visitors to enter the venue without waiting in a queue. Using the NFC, it is much easier to find a vehicle parked in a Smart Parking Lot. In addition, more than 300 cash registers at the Expo are equipped with NFC, allowing visitors to order food and pay for the food from their seats.

courtesy of the Yeosu Expo(Photo courtesy of the Yeosu Expo)

At the Aquarium and Korean Pavilion, a voice guide is offered when installing the NFC service on a smartphone. The Expo also features an NFC trial event in which visitors can try out all kinds of NFC services offered by the Expo at a glance.

"We’ll show visitors that information technology is not restricted only to experts, through realizing the Expo with ubiquitous systems," said the chairman of Organizing Committee for the Yeosu Expo, Kang Dong-suk, at a press conference on May 9. "From ordinary children to seniors and foreigners, all of them will be able to use the IT service offered by the Expo easily and conveniently."

The Yeosu Expo also offers Giga Internet, which is an Internet connection with a speed of 1Gbps. At Yeosu Expo Town, which is used as residential area for the nearly 2,000 participants, volunteers, and workers of the Expo from 105 countries, Giga Internet is available during the period of the Expo. The 1Gbps speed enables download of a DVD movie in 10 seconds.

In addition, radio frequency identification (RFID) is applied to admission tickets. Considered as the next generation’s recognition technology after barcodes, RFID allows tracking down goods or objects fitted with a tiny chip inside using radio frequency. From printing out admission tickets to making reservations, all processes related to admission tickets have adopted RFID. Through the RFID admission ticket system, the status of each exhibit hall such as crowd size and expected waiting time for entry can be easily calculated.

Most of this cutting-edge information technology at the Expo can be accessed through a smartphone application. Type ‘Yeosu Expo’ or ‘Expo 2012’ on Apple's App Store or Google Inc's Play Store to download the application (Available in English, Chinese, and Japanese).

Find more information visit the official website of the Expo

By Jessica Seoyoung Choi Staff Writer

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