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Korean mountains via stamps: Seoraksan
Jun 03, 2015
Seoraksan Mountain (설악산, 雪嶽山) covers almost 400 square kilometers and is the third highest mountain in South Korea, behind Hallasan and Jirisan. The mountain's lower reaches stretch as far as Sokcho City and Yangyang-gun, Goseong-gun and Inje-gun counties. As seen in its name, sn...


Korean mountains via stamps: Jirisan Mountain
May 28, 2015
People who climb to the top of Cheongwangbok Peak, the highest point on Jirisan Mountain, are overwhelmed by the amazing view of the endless sea of clouds. Toward the west of the mountain's rocky wall there is an inscription engraved on the rock, "Cheonju," meaning, "a pillar hol...

115 20150117_131222Jangchung Gymnasium.jpg

Jangchung Gymnasium: Korea's First Indoor Sports Arena
May 27, 2015
The first time I visited Jangchung Gymnasium was to watch the Korean Badminton Open years ago. Being a recreational badminton player, I was thrilled to see in action the former world badminton champion and men's singles gold medalist at the Athens Olympics, Taufik Hidayat. Taufik...

115 1st-WAHS-Conference-4Five Reasons Why I Love Conferences in Korea.jpg

Five Reasons Why I Love Conferences in Korea
May 21, 2015
As an atypical Hallyu fan, I don’t just religiously watch Korean TV dramas, I don’t just make kimchi weekly, and I don’t just spazz over my idols daily. I also study Hallyu. Seriously. Complete with review of related literature, methodology, data gathering, explanations, and all....


Korean mountains via stamps: Jirisan's Moss Waterfall
May 20, 2015
Baemsaegol Valley sits on a hillside under Banyabong Peak, the second highest peak of Jirisan Mountain and located on the mountain's western slopes. The deep valley has many streams that flow out of many sources. Among them is one spot where many streams converge, Pokposugol Vall...


Korean mountains via stamps: Jirisan's Baraebong Peak
May 14, 2015
Jirisan Mountain stands 1,915 meters and its park covers 471.8 square kilometers. It is the biggest mountainous area on the Korean Peninsula and straddles Jeollabuk-do (North Jeolla Province), Jeollanam-do (South Jeolla Province) and Gyeongsangnam-do (South Gyeongsang Province). ...

115 20150314_164903Myeongdong Street Food Alley.jpg

Myeongdong’s Street Food Alley
May 14, 2015
They start bringing in their carts in the afternoon. And one by one, they start preparing, frying, cooking, and finally, they're serving! Yes, serving everyone who wants to enjoy! I'm talking about the food carts in Myeongdong, Seoul, where, in the middle of the main alley ...


Restaurant guidebook published in Arabic
May 12, 2015
‘Muslim-friendly Restaurants in Korea’ introduces 118 restaurants in Seoul and across Korea in five categories and includes halal certification information, all in Arabic. For many devout Muslim tourists, one of the main difficulties they experience in Korea is the food. This i...

115 K2K- Festival and Enjoy, Gangwon Province.jpg

K-Festival and Enjoy, Gangwon Province!
May 12, 2015
Korea Festival is back. Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Indonesia in cooperation with Embassy of the Republic of Korea and Korean Cultural Center Indonesia (KCCI) again held Korea Festival for three days, from 1~ 3 May 2015 at main atrium Lotte Shopping Avenue Jakarta. I came...


New bike route runs along east coast
May 12, 2015
A new network of bicycle lanes and bicycle paths has recently been launched, running down the east coast of the country. It connects Goseong-gun County in northern Gangwon-do (Gangwon Province) with Samcheok City in the southernmost region of the province, crossing a total of 242...