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Colored in autumn beauty, Chungjuho Lake
Nov 02, 2012
The vast lake of Chungjuho is ensconced far inland, deep in the mountains. At this time of year, it’s at its most beautiful, ringed by glorious autumn foliage. Let’s set out on a trip to Chungjuho Lake, the inland sea.The Namhangang River flows through Chungcheongbuk-do into Chun...


Myeongdong, Seoul's no.1 shopping district
Oct 29, 2012
Where would you go to find a pair of the latest Nike running shoes, a sequined purse for under 20 dollars, and a spiral potato all in one street? There is only one place in Seoul. Nearly every single local cosmetics brand operates a shop in Myeongdong. Seoul has already receiv...


Welcoming autumn on Korea’s Rivers [2] -- Nakdong River
Oct 24, 2012
Silvery waters glinting under a setting sun, marshy riverbanks strewn with weeds and wildflowers -- nature’s bounty is on full display on Korea’s Nakdong River. The longest of the country’s newly restored four major rivers, the over-500-kilometer long Nakdong also carries thousan...


Catch autumn's colors at Korea’s national parks
Oct 22, 2012
For travelers looking to get the best views of the season’s changing colors, the Korea National Park Service is providing information on ideal routes as well as peak times to catch some vibrant autumn foliage. A total of 20 national parks can be found across Korea, but the 15 tha...


Tastes of Korea in Seoul
Oct 02, 2012
In addition to a fast-growing population of over 10 million people, Seoul is also well known for its ever-expanding array of unique sights and flavors. Leading Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter recently spotlighted the capital city’s diverse culinary offerings in its Septemb...


Korea's rivers see 10 million visitors
Sep 27, 2012
The number of visitors to the four restored rivers of Korea exceeded the ten-million mark earlier this month, proving their popularity as an ideal tourism spot. The ten-million count includes the number of tourists to riverside ecological parks, walking trails, bike paths, and ca...


Through mountains and over the sea; K-ROADS
Sep 24, 2012
The motorways in South Korea have developed the same way as its economy. A courageous first step was taken in the 1960s, the seed of a miracle sprouted in 1970, the growth accelerated in the 1980s, a solid expansion was achieved in the 1990s, and a well-developed network spreadin...


Welcoming autumn on Korea’s Rivers [1]
Sep 20, 2012
Walking, biking, or camping -- with plenty of new scenic trails, bike paths, and camping areas around the Han, Nakdong, Geum, and Yeongsan rivers, anything is possible for the willing traveler. And as the summer heat gives way to crisper autumn breezes, visitors to Korea’s major ...


Dokdo souvenir design contest opens for all
Sep 05, 2012
Image courtesy of Cyber Dokdo Arts and crafts designers are welcomed to create their own Dokdo-themed sounvenirs to compete for the right to officially sell their product. The government of Gyeongsangbuk-do (North Gyeongsang Province) is launching the 3rd Dokdo International Sou...


Lake city Chuncheon, a leisure hotspot
Aug 24, 2012
As the end of summer draws near, the romantic lake city of Chuncheon prepares to be transformed into a leisure town where visitors can fully enjoy the remaining days of the season. The Chuncheon 2012 World Leisure Sports Festival, which kicks off on ...