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Food Tourism 1: Seoul & Gyeonggi-do
Nov 25, 2013
Food tells a story. It tells a story of history, culture and of the lifestyle of each country.Korea has four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Depending on the season, every corner of the peninsula changes color, whether it is in the mountains, plains, coast or...


Korea's gardens reveal beauty of nature
Nov 11, 2013
While relatively unknown overseas, Korean gardens embody a unique aesthetic beauty and philosophical underpinning that make them truly mesmerizing. With a gardening heritage that dates back millennia, Koreans have created spaces that reveal a natural beauty with as little artific...


Deepening autumn welcomes chilly winter
Oct 25, 2013
As trees across Seoul change color, be they lining the streets or adorning the mountains of Namsan, Bukhansan or Inwangsan, autumn is in full swing across the city, exuding its unique colors and manifesting the sentiments of a beautiful season. Beyond the trees, whose leaves...


Maritime national park opens new paths for sightseeing
Oct 25, 2013
Newly opened trails offer tourists the chance to appreciate the beauty of Korea’s best-known national maritime park, Hallyeohaesang National Park (Hallyeo Maritime National Park). The new bada baengnigil trail, meaning, “100 li-long ocean path,” stretches 42.1 kilometers across s...


Autumn travel on the ITX train to Chuncheon
Oct 21, 2013
For a quick autumn getaway, a trip on the ITX Cheongchun line can be a pleasant way to view the foliage and to get out of Seoul for the weekend. The high-speed train whisks passengers from Seoul to Chuncheon, Gangwon-do (Gangwon Province), in just over an hour and it is the only ...


Tourist police division launched to help visitors
Oct 17, 2013
On every street corner and across every avenue of Seoul, visitors to Korea’s capital will now be able to contact the “tourist police,” ready to ease inconveniences, help with petty crime and soothe the nuisances that target tourists. With bright smiles, the newly-formed police di...

Yeongju_Seonbi_Korea Magazine_th_02.jpg

Yeongju where the spirit of the seonbi lives on
Oct 15, 2013
They call Yeongju the “home of the seonbi,” referring to the virtuous scholars of the Joseon Dynasty who passed up positions of wealth and power to lead lives of study and integrity. Amidst the entrancing tapestry of misty mountains and deep valleys, the spirit of the seonbi live...


A hike to heal: Bangtaesan Mountain
Oct 11, 2013
The Bangtaesan Mountain Natural Recreation Forest has been recommended as a site to visit this October by the National Natural Recreation Forest Office. Bangtaesan Mountain, just north of Odaesan National Park in Gangwon-do (Gangwon Province), has been recognized for its pictures...


Palaces to open at night this autumn
Oct 10, 2013
Royal palaces from the Joseon era (1392- 1910) will be open at night in celebration of the coming autumn. Two palaces will be open at night, each for two weeks. Changgyeonggung Palace will be open from October 1 to 13 (but not October 7) and Gyeongbokgung Palace will be open from...


Gastronomy Lane: Daejeon’s acorn jelly village
Oct 08, 2013
As we enter the autumn months, surrounded by clear blue sky and a cool gentle breeze, travelers are seized with the desire to go outside and enjoy a picnic or two. This October, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has come up with eight must-visit food destinations, scattered be...