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Imagine Your Korea: nation's new tourism brand slogan
Jul 23, 2014
Korea has recently launched a new tourism motto. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST), along with the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), announced the new tagline, "Imagine Your Korea," on July 22. It will replace, "Sparkling Korea," the former catchphrase used si...


Jeju Island offers paradise for fireflies
Jul 15, 2014
Fireflies light up the Cheongsu Gotjawal forest of Jeju Island in summer. A lot of Hotaria unmunsana, an "unmunsan" variety of fireflies, have recently been confirmed to be inhabiting the Cheongsu Gotjawal area, said the Warm-temperate and Subtropical Forest Research Center of th...


Korea's medical tourism boom
Jul 14, 2014
Korea’s cutting-edge, low-cost medical services are drawing a global audience. According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, over 200,000 overseas patients came to Korea to receive treatment last year. Some 211,218 patients from 191 different countries underwent treatment at K...


One Asia Pass makes travel affordable
Jul 11, 2014
Five Asian cities - Seoul, Tokyo, Jakarta, Delhi and Taipei - have formed a partnership in tourism, providing their people with easier and more economic travel options. One Asia Pass, the newly adopted travel system, is offering discounted services for more than 500 cultural ...


Eastern shore attracts holidaymakers
Jul 09, 2014
Many beaches along the East Sea of Korea are busy preparing for the opening of their annual summer vacation season. A total of 91 beaches in the region will run from this July until August 29, providing services for youths, camping lovers, children, people with disabilities and o...


Fun in the mud at one of Korea's hottest summer destina...
Jul 08, 2014
No discussion of the West Sea town of Boryeong is complete without mentioning the eponymous mud festival, which has gained a reputation as a particular favorite among expatriates. From its humble beginnings, this celebration of the city’s mud, touted for its rich mineral content,...


Temple stay: A trip for inner healing
Jul 03, 2014
Traveling is a journey of self-discovery, seeing a side of yourself you have never seen before. The meaningful moments that you come across in a place you have never been to sometimes point in the direction you have to go from now on. Staying overnight at a calm and serene moun...


Biking in Seoul
Jul 02, 2014
One of the best ways to spot spring’s arrival in Seoul—after the cherry blossoms—is the increased traffic on the city’s bike paths. Bicycling on Korean roads can be frightening, but despite some street-level shortcomings, Seoul and its surroundings offer a vast array of bike-frie...


Cheorwon is home to reminders of a tragic past
Jun 19, 2014
Once a large, prosperous railroad and road junction controlling the Gimhwa Valley, a vital north-south passageway to Seoul, the town of Cheorwon on the central sector of the DMZ was virtually wiped off the map in the bitter fighting of the Korean War (1950–1953). All that remains...


Jeongseon County: from coal to tourism
Jun 19, 2014
When it comes to a weekend outing, many people would flock to traditional markets. It is one of Korea's singular features that there are five-day markets nationwide throughout all the provinces, including Chungcheong Province, Jeolla Province and Gyeongsang Province. Among the mo...