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French Town in Seoul exudes exotic beauty
Dec 14, 2012
10 Million Foreign Tourists SeriesFor a proper taste of traditional Korean culture, there is nothing like Insadong in Jongno District. But those who seek a more exotic atmosphere in Seoul would probably love Seorae Village in Seocho District. Restaurants, open-air cafes, wine bar...


Hongdae's guest houses offer youth culture to visitors
Dec 11, 2012
With its vibrant nightlife, active counterculture, and increasing convenience, Hongdae has become one of Seoul’s most popular neighborhoods for domestic travelers and international visitors alike. The area, named after nearby arts school Hongik University, is also home to a growi...


Old and new thrive at Samseong-dong
Dec 06, 2012
10 Million Foreign Tourists Series Thirty-one seconds into the record-breaking music video for “Gangnam Style,” rapper PSY does his signature horse-riding dance in front of a sleek glass-paneled building. A second later, the entire upper half of the glossy façade comes into view,...


Hanok Homestay program invites visitors
Dec 06, 2012
More Koreans may be living in apartments than ever, but the traditional Korean house is making a comeback. Known as the Hanok, it is becoming a popular attraction not only for foreign visitors, but also Koreans. The Hanok Homestay program ensures that visitors have access to a qu...


Cheongdam-dong, the Mecca of high fashion and fine dini...
Nov 29, 2012
10 Million Foreign Tourists Series The lights illuminating the street from Cheongdam-dong Intersection to Galleria Department Stores in southern Seoul look like white balloons hanging on trees. The decorations are reminiscent of the Champs-Elysees in Paris. Now the 1.37-kilometer...


Korea welcomes ten millionth visitor
Nov 23, 2012
This year saw landmark accomplishments for Korea in the sectors of global finance and international diplomacy as well as the domestic and overseas entertainment industries. Last week, with a little over a month left before the year’s end, a new cause for celebration landed on the...


Jeongdong-gil, a walk through Korea’s cultural heritage
Nov 22, 2012
The quaint street of Jeong-dong, popularly known as Jeongdong-gil, in downtown Seoul is full of cultural heritage and bears vestiges of Korea’s long and storied history. Running along the stonewall of Deoksugung Palace, Jeongdong-gil was designated as the first “Beautiful Stree...


Garosu-gil sets new trends
Nov 19, 2012
10 Million Foreign Tourists Series Young people do not seem to mind the cold on a winter day while they are coming in and out of shops in Garosu-gil, a trendy street in Gangnam District of southern Seoul. It would be understandable if someone were to visit the place and see what ...


Health-enhancing ginseng tour
Nov 13, 2012
Geumsan in Chungcheongnam-do Province is the birthplace of Goryeo (Korean) ginseng and the nation’s hub for ginseng distribution where more than 80% of the total ginseng produced nationally is collected and traded. In Korea, ginseng has long been treated as a rare but marvelous m...


Colored in autumn beauty, Chungjuho Lake
Nov 02, 2012
The vast lake of Chungjuho is ensconced far inland, deep in the mountains. At this time of year, it’s at its most beautiful, ringed by glorious autumn foliage. Let’s set out on a trip to Chungjuho Lake, the inland sea.The Namhangang River flows through Chungcheongbuk-do into Chun...