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Jewel of Yellow Sea enchants foreign diplomats
Jun 28, 2013
In the early morning of June 14, a group of foreign travelers gathered at the passenger terminal of Incheon Port. As participants in the Korea Tourism Supporters program organized by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), the group visited Baengnyeongdo (Baengnyeong Island), Korea...


What happens after the heavy rain
May 29, 2013
A view of Baengnokdam (a crater lake on top of Hallasan) during the drought period (photo: Yonhap News). A view of Baengnokdam filled with water on May 28 after two days of heavy rain reaching 1,000 millimeters, seen from Witse Oreum (a trail leading to the peak) (photo: Yonh...


Yanghwajin: from hermit fort to open city
May 29, 2013
Photo Journey 1: Yanghwajin, SeoulJeoldusan Martyrs’ ShrineYanghwajin.It is officially located in Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. The name came from its regional landscape that was full of “yanghwa,” the flower of the willow tree. The port was known to have been called Willow Flow...


O-train, V-train lead to hidden inland wonders
May 16, 2013
The interior of the Korean Peninsula has breathtaking views of natural rocks and cliffs along steep valleys and mountains, coupled with long traditions of songs of Arirang and Confucian culture. The region is less accessible than major cities due to its rugged geography, but that...


Spend Golden Week on Jeju Island
May 06, 2013
 For their Golden Week holiday (first week of May), Japanese and Chinese tourists have been flocking to Korea. On May 1, approximately 5,000 Japanese tourists were reported arriving at Jeju Island by cruise ships. On May 1, approximately 5,000 Japanese tourists arrived ...


Byeonsanbando National Park: green mountains, blue seas...
Apr 22, 2013
Byeonsanbando National Park does something no other national park in Korea can—combine scenic shoreline with rugged alpine scenery. In this sense, it’s a virtual microcosm of the best Korea has to offer. A million and a half people visit this park each year to take in its dramati...


Soak in spring flowers in full bloom
Apr 19, 2013
Spring is in full swing in Korea. Yellow forsythias, pink azaleas, cornelian cherries, peonies, and cherry blossoms in full bloom are blanketing every corner of Seoul. Fresh sprouts on the branches of gingko trees lining the streets add green to the city’s color palette. Yel...


Tourist destinations near Suncheon Expo
Apr 18, 2013
Suncheon Bay Garden Expo 2013 is set to lift its curtain in just two days. The expo venue, surrounded by meticulously manicured gardens, provides picturesque scenery in itself, but a trip to Suncheon cannot be complete without a tour of the neighboring regions that boast breathta...


Revival of Korean palaces
Apr 16, 2013
Access to Changdeokgung’s Injeongjeon Hall has been limited, but starting this month it’s open to the public.Known for its masterful architectural beauty, the palace of Changdeokgung has been designated as National Treasure No. 225, and was also inscribed as a UNESCO World Herita...


Busan, Incheon popular destinations for cruise ships
Apr 16, 2013
Super Star Gemini, a large cruise ship run by the Hong Kong-based Star Cruises, entered Busan’s port on April 8. The 230-meter-long ship weighs 50,000 tons and carries 1,900 passengers and staff. The ship, whose height is equivalent to 13 stories, has a theater, gallery, fitness ...