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Cheong Wa Dae, a must visit on Saturday
Apr 16, 2013
The White House in the U.S., Buckingham Palace in Britain, and the Elysee Palace in France all have one thing in common: they are not only where the president or king resides, but also they attract tourists from all around the world. Against the backdrop of Bugaksan, the Kor...


In search for inspiring views nationwide
Apr 11, 2013
Whether at bustling tourist attractions, or even off the beaten track in rural regions, it is not hard these days to spot travelers with cameras in tow exploring regional cultural distinctions. In response to the swiftly growing number of adventurers searching for hideaways surro...


A first look at Suncheon Expo for foreign residents
Apr 10, 2013
The countdown to Suncheon Bay Garden Expo 2013 has begun, with its opening set in less than two weeks’ time. The international garden show taking place in Suncheon, a region known for its ecological value and scenic beauty, is expected to provide a breathtaking experience for mor...


New trains to enrich your journey
Apr 01, 2013
Train traveling offers something that can’t be enjoyed by car or bus. Special trains offered by Korail provide picturesque landscapes with the various colors dyeing the surrounding nature with the arrival of spring. Old and traditional train goodies such as roasted sweet potatoes...


Korea's five unique museums recommended by KTO
Mar 26, 2013
Why did Koreans of the past draw paintings depicting tigers along with magpies? Why does the fish in the old folk paintings try to come out of the water with its head up? The answers can be found at Korea’s unique museums. It’s time to go and hit the special museums of Korea this...


Beauty and culture abound in the Naples of the Orient
Mar 14, 2013
Koreans call the harbor town of Tongyeong the “Naples of the Orient,” and it’s not hard to understand why once you’ve seen its spectacular location, tasted its hearty local cuisine, and experienced the joie de vivre of its residents. It’s also a city with an artistic soul. Over t...


5 highlights of Korea’s garden expo
Mar 08, 2013
Suncheon Bay is one of the world’s top-five best preserved coastal wetlands and also the widest reed bed in Korea. Located in the southwestern province of Jeollanam-do, it is home to 120 species of salt plants and more than 230 species of migratory birds. Boasting Korea’s la...


Taebaek, a spectacular tapestry of sacred peaks
Feb 18, 2013
One of the most inspiring sunrises in Korea can be enjoyed from the peak of Mt. Taebaeksan, the “Great White Mountain” Koreans have regarded as sacred for centuries. As the sun comes up over the East Sea, the horizon turns a spectacular crimson, illuminating the purple ridges t...


Getting the whole picture of Seoul’s traditional market...
Feb 15, 2013
Passengers pass by Bangsan Market, famous for its wrapping paper, on a test run of the Traditional Market Tour bus (photo: Yonhap News). Traditional markets are a great place to get a sense of many things about Korea including Korean culture, tradition, and food. In that sen...


Food Alleys: Gwanghui-dong Little Russia
Feb 15, 2013
Nestled between the skyscrapers of Dongdaemun is the small, unassuming neighbourhood of Gwanghui-dong. At first its narrow alleys may seem uninviting, but those intrepid enough will find some of Seoul’s most unexpected culinary delights. Many of the signs in the area are in Cyr...