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Namsangol Hanok Village Snow Flower Festival
Jan 06, 2011
(Photo: Yonhap News) (Photo: Yonhap News)People viewing ice sculptures of traditional Korean houses, called Hanok, at the Seoul Namsangol Hanok Village Snow Flower Festival.

Busan holds Christmas Tree Festival
Dec 03, 2010
(Photo: Yonhap News) (Photo: Yonhap News) Busan's Christmas Tree Festival will be held until January 17 in the area around Gwangbok Street, Jung-gu.People in Busan will be able to enjoy a giant illuminated Christmas tree, snow show, and other events at the festival,...

Lighthouse shaped like a baseball bat in Busan
Nov 29, 2010
(Photo: Yonhap News) A baseball bat-shaped lighthouse built by the Busan Regional Marine Affairs and Port Office at Chilam Sea Bank in the southern port city of Busan opened on November 25.The lighthouse, along with a sculpture of a ball and a glove, was built to symbolize the i...

Nature on Camera
Oct 29, 2010
An ecotourism photo contest was organized by Korea's Ecotourism Association and supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to show the beauty of Korea's wildlife and the joy of travel. First Place- "Water deer taking a walk" by Kim Deuk-sung   ...

Korean mountains ablaze with fall colors
Oct 20, 2010
Taebaek, Gangwon Province (Photo: Yonhap News)   Mountaineers on Seoraksan (Photo: Yonhap News) Deokyou Mountain in Muju County, North Jeolla Province (Photo: Yonhap News)   Starting with Seorak Mountain in Gangwon Province, fall colo...

Scarecrow wedding
Oct 18, 2010
A scarecrow contest was held in a large meadow in Agyang-myeon in Hadong County, South Gyeongsang Province, from October 8 to 10. The contest is part of the Toji Literature Festival, held every October to commemorate the novel “Toji (The Land)” by Park Kyung-ni (1926-2008). ...

City Garden Exhibition in Gyeonggi-do Province
Oct 06, 2010
The 2010 Gyeonggi Garden Culture Expo will open this weekend for three days, from October 8 to 10. Hosted by Gyeonggi-do Provincial Government and city of Siheung, and organized by the Gyeonggi Green Architecture Foundation, the exhibition seeks to offer a new paradigm for garden...

Huge 'I Love Busan' rice paddy crop art created in Busa...
Sep 24, 2010
A stunning piece of crop art is emerging across a rice field in Daejeo-1 dong, Gangseo-gu. An enormous picture of a seagull and a yacht, and the message 'I ♡ Busan', across a 130 x 90 meter rice field, is attracting a lot of attention.The composition has been created by strategic...

Best green roads in Korea
Sep 10, 2010
The Ministry of Public Administration and Security held a digital photo competition to promote green roads in Korea from Jul. 19 to Aug. 15. The competition was launched to stimulate regional economies via promotion of scenic sites across the nation. The grand prize winner was ...

Buckwheat season arrives in Bongpyeong
Sep 08, 2010
Bongpyeong, PyeongChang County in Gangwon Province, the setting of Lee Hyo-seok famous short story, "The Buckwheat Season," will host a cultural festival  until Sept. 12. Celebrating its 12th year, the festival will focus on nature, literature, and tradition.  By C...