Honorary Reporters

Opening ceremony of the Korean Tourism Organization Support Team in indonesia

Feb, 08, 2020

The picture when the event took place

By Honorary reporters Thariq Hafidz from Indonesia

KTO (Korean Tourism Organization) has a program that started from 2013 until now, which is named WKS (Wow Korea Supporters), 2020 is the 7th year of WKS (Wow Korean supporters), and on Friday 7 February 2020, government agencies Korea under the auspices of the Republic of Korea's embassy in Indonesia, the KTO (Korean Tourism Organization), is holding an opening ceremony for the 7th year, with the inauguration as a Member of the WKS (Wow Korean supporters) being given a certificate and given a direction on how we will work in the future.

And what about the duties as WKS (Wow Korean Supporters)? Our task is to help KTO (Korean Tourism Organization) in promoting South Korea tourism in particular, for example in the summer there is anything, or Muslim-friendly tourism in South Korea and others. Where have we promoted the news?

We can make in the social media posts that we have, and in the Blogger that we have, and of course all our social media and our bloggers have been officially marked by the KTO (Korean Tourism Organization).

For the WKS (Wow Korean Supporters) Members for this year there are 25 people chosen, each year is different, that's because the level of curiosity of Korean tourism in Indonesia is very high, of all the members here at first we didn't know each other, then we could get acquainted and a little chat about things we like, discuss personal work or even we can exchange ideas, because basically Members here have different backgrounds in all jobs.

We all hope that this will introduce all Korean tourism to the people of Indonesia, so that the people of Indonesia know that Korea is not only KPop or drama, but many tourist attractions that can be explored, and for Muslim tourists who want to visit Korea do not need to worry because now there is already a name in Korea (Muslim friendly) and in several places in Korea there are already plenty of adequate places for worship and halal restaurants everywhere.