Speaking Korean

Contest Introduction : Tell us your story in Korean!

Period : 21 July ~ 29 August, 2019

Submission Type : Video

Topic Introduction

You can choose any topics! Tell us your story in Korean. From the story of your daily life to the story about Korea that you love. You can also parody Korean movies and drama, or show off your Korean skills with tongue-twisters.


Please upload your entry to your YouTube channel and submit the URL on our website. Up to three entries per person can be submitted.


Video within 120sec ~ 360sec

AVI, MP4 type

Filming with mobile phone, camera, etc. (Resolution 1920x1080 or higher)

No restrictions on formats, production methods, etc.

How to Apply

1. Upload your entry on your personal YouTube channel

2. Make sure to include ‘[Talk Talk Korea 2019]’ in the beginning of your entry title. You must write a brief description of the entry. (About 200 characters)

3. Include the mandatory hashtags. The required hashtags are #talktalkkorea2019 and #SpeakingKorean Please double check this part because, in case you didn’t include mandatory hashtags, you may not be selected as a winner!

4. Click the ‘Participate’ button from the talktalkkorea.or.kr website and enter your name, e-mail and your posting URL to complete your submission!


1st Prize (1 person) – 4N5D Invitation to Korea

2nd Prize (2 people) - Laptop

3rd Prize (3 people) – Tablet PC

4th Prize (4 people) – Bluetooth Earphone

5th Prize (10 people) – Online Gift Card


Without a title or description, it may be excluded from the winner selection.

Only the contents created by yourself or with the help of others are recognized.

Make sure that the sound sources used in the video do not violate the copyright.

Prize-winning works(contents) can be used for future exhibitions.

  1. KOCIS and MOFA reserve the permanent rights to use (edit) the names and works of winners.
  2. Winners agree that the entry works may be used on official websites, TV, social media and printed materials.

    In the case of 1st prize awards, it cannot be changed as a separate compensation.

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  • parasto.m2002

    Do I need to be in the video?

  • Yoon Zara

    Hello~~ I have asked once about my submission and the administrator replied it is successfully submitted. But, today I tried the confirmation page and it said 'no data found'. I just want to make sure that everything's okay, right? Thank you so much and sorry for bothering you :) my email is azzahra.raisya35@gmail.com

  • Hilal Tc Günaydin

    h_guenaydin@web.de didn’t know where to send it this is my email I hope my entry is successfully submitted 😄

  • SuSani98

    Hello 👋🏻 Yesterday i checked, my participation is accepted. But today i checked again it said that data was not found. Can you help me checking it again. This is my email sanisuriani43@yahoo.com thank you

  • Hilal Tc Günaydin

    When is the winners list published ?

  • parasto.m2002

    This is very unfair because they hacked me...

  • yasaman saeedi

    Hi. I participated in Korean speaking contest and my email is yasaman.saeedi97@gmail.com . I was really worry about did u recieve it or not . If u answer me i will be really thankful to you. Best regards

  • Hilal Tc Günaydin

    Is my entry successfully submitted ?


    Hello, could you please send your email?

  • parasto.m2002

    I posted my video on YouTube August 28th and posted a link to the contest and participated. But on August 29th, I noticed that my video had been removed from YouTube, and when I tried to re-upload it, the race was over. My email is parasto.m2002@gmail.com. What should I do? I had to work hard for the race.😭😭


    Hello, Unfortunately, the entry work which has uploaded on Youtube until 29 August, only acceptable. We can suggest you participate in our section 4 contest.

  • Hilal Tc Günaydin

    If the video isn’t long enough is that then Disqualified ?


    Hello, video entry has to be within 120sec ~ 360sec. Thank you for your question.