Illustrations of Peace

Contest Introduction : What comes to your mind when you think of peace in Korea? Please draw an illustration to pray for peace in Korea. Find unique material that symbolizes peace in Korea, and express on a variety of topics including the unification of South and North Korea, national flower Mugunghwa, national flag Taegeukgi, or even Hallyu that delivers a peaceful message to the world.

Period : 8 July ~ 16 August, 2019

Submission Type : Illustration

Topic Introduction

What comes to your mind when you think of peace in Korea? Please draw an illustration to pray for peace in Korea.


Please submit it as an image type. Up to five entries per person can be submitted



Horizontal / Vertical (1,000 to 6,000 pixels) 6M or less


How to Apply

1. Post on your personal social media channel; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

2. Make sure to make a [title] and a brief description of the entry. (About 200 characters)

3. Include the mandatory hashtags. The required hashtags are #talktalkkorea2019 and #koreapeace Please double check this part because, in case you didn’t include mandatory hashtags, you may not be selected as a winner!

4.Click the ‘Participate’ button from the website and enter your name, e-mail and your posting URL to complete your submission!


1st Prize (1 person) – 4N5D Invitation to Korea

2nd Prize (2 people) - Laptop

3rd Prize (3 people) – Tablet PC

4th Prize (4 people) – Bluetooth Earphone

5th Prize (10 people) – Online Gift Card


Without a title, description, or hashtag, you may be excluded from winner selection.

Only the contents created by yourself or with the help of others are recognized.

Prize-winning works(contents) can be used for future exhibitions.

  1. KOCIS and MOFA reserve the permanent rights to use (edit) the names and works of winners.
  2. Winners agree that the entry works may be used on official websites, TV, social media and printed materials.

In the case of 1st prize awards, it cannot be changed as a separate compensation.

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  • Bangzter

    +I never received an email and I'm really worried about my entry

  • Kanchan Kr Chatterjee

    I am Contest winner, where is my prize? Waiting your response.

  • Bangzter

    I made my entry to TalkTalk Korea's Illustrations of peace, I did it by posting the link of the Instagram post and said the participation was completed successfully, I uploaded on August 4. Today I tried to check my confirmation and it says "data not found" what can I do?

  • Ayintha

    I don't understand why when i want to confirm my participation, it says me 'the data not found'. But the thing is that I put the right email which is . Can you tell me what is the problem because i don't understand and i'm frustrated


    Hello, I registered my work for contest Illustrations of Peace yesterday (16.08.2019): without any problem - I got message "Thank you for participating!!". Just in case I took a screenshot of the confirmation message. Yesterday and even today I checked my emails if I got confirmation also there - but there was none. I learned by friend that we can check if all was right in the webside. Unfortunately, I got a message: "Data not found." So I got really scared. Does this mean that the work was not accepted or I must wait little bit because it's weekend? I don't remember if I wrote good may e-mail address - the good one is: (I changed some latters to check if I wrote it wrong). I will be grateful for any help. Thank you in advance for your help, Arishay If You need here is my screenshot of the confirmation:!ArjWSOq1AYdAqT4zuuLgE-1aUNpR?e=IwHoCb (uploaded to my OneDrive cloud)

  • Ria Kumara

    hello, I just realize today (aug 17th) that when I checked on "Confirm Participation" button I couldn't find my email, and just now I sent again my link through google doc, I hope I still can make it... thank you

  • chiquita

    I submit my works at 10.08 pm (in Western Indonesian Timezone ~ 00.08 kst) on August 16. Am I late or is my works still can be accepted?

  • Erato Markantoni

    When I tried to participate in the Illustrations of Peace contest the Talk Talk Korea website was down, but through the Talk Talk Korea Instagram I was able to participate using the google forms link in the account's bio. I also previously participated in the Talk about Korea video contest and the Hansik and I picture contest through the website, but today now that the website is working, when I click the confirm participation button, it says 'data not found'. Does this mean that all of my entries were erased? I hope to get a reply soon, thank you for your time!

  • Настя Деревянко

    Здравствуйте! Извините за беспокойство. Я отправила свою заявку на конкурс в 20:55(kst) 15 августа . После этого было написано, что заявка успешно принята,а также я могла найти её по своей почте в отделе "подтверждение участия". Но сегодня сайт пишет, что запись не найдена. Что нужно делать в этой ситуации?

  • Sara Koci

    Hello! I took the message "Thank you for participating" so that means everything is okay? And when are going to announce the winners and it will come by email? Thank you!