Korea Experience

Contest Introduction: Share everything you've experienced, or want to experience in Korea!

Period: 20 August ~ 10 September, 2019

Submission Type: Video, Photo, Illustration, Webtoon

Topic Introduction

What did you experience or want to experience in Korea?

Freely share your stories in various types of entries. What would you like to do if you come to Korea? Which place in Korea would you like to visit the most? Please express the stories that you couldn't tell us in the last contests in various ways including video, photo, illustration, webtoon, and etc.!

Submission: Up to 10 entries per person can be submitted. (Able to submit in various types)

 - Video: Upload your entry to your YouTube channel and submit the URL on our website.

 - Image: Upload your entry to your social media channel and submit the URL on our website.


 - Video: Within 120sec ~ 360sec / AVI, MP4 type (Resolution 1920x1080 or higher)

 - Image: width/height (1,000~6,000pixel), 6M or less

How to Apply

1. Post on your personal social media channel; Facebook, Instagram, or etc. (In case of Video, post on your YouTube channel)

2. Make sure to include ‘[Talk Talk Korea 2019]’ in the beginning of your entry title. You must write a brief description of the entry. (About 200 characters)

3. Include the mandatory hashtags. The required hashtags are #talktalkkorea2019 and #KoreaExperience

Please double-check this part because, in case you didn’t include mandatory hashtags, you may not be selected as a winner!

4. Click the ‘Participate’ button from the talktalkkorea.or.kr website and enter your name, e-mail and your posting URL to complete your submission!


1st Prize (1 person) – 4N5D Invitation to Korea

2nd Prize (1 person) - Laptop

3rd Prize (2 people) – Tablet PC

4th Prize (3 people) – Bluetooth Earphone

5th Prize (5 people) – Online Gift Card


 Without a title, description, or mandatory hashtags, it may be excluded from the winner selection.

 Only the contents created by yourself or with the help of others are recognized.

 Make sure that the video, sound, and image sources used in your entry do not violate the copyright.

 Prize-winning works can be used for future exhibitions.

  1. KOCIS and MOFA reserve the permanent rights to use (edit) the names and works of winners.
  2. Winners agree that the entry works may be used on official websites, TV, social media and printed materials.

The prizes cannot be changed as a separate compensation, and only 1 prize per entry will be given.

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    my only question

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    Tengo mucha mala suerte, ya sacaron los nominados de la experiencia de Corea y mis trabajos no aparecen.

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    안녕하세요! ¿Como sabemos que si estamos participando? ¿Enviaran un correo? HELPPPP Many girls have this same question, we ask that you please answer it

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    When will the winners be known and where can I see them??

  • Zakura

    Hey, can you check if my entry for this contest went thru? I spent alot of time on my entry so im kinda worried it didnt. Link: https://youtu.be/dM3IqDNnTwE

  • Jasmine Varela Mares

    Hi I wanted to check if I could assistance to confirm whether my submission for the Korea Experience successfully went through and was submitted on time. Please and thank you so much.

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    Has my entry been successfully received? My email is landerson687954@gmail.com

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    When will be the winners gallery for this section be uploaded ?

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    Hola, mi webtoon fue publicada a las 21: 54 del 10 de septiembre de mi país, envié mis datos a prox a la misma hora pero no puedo confirmar mi correo es stephanie76246@gmail.com podrían confirmarme??

  • Fernanda Espinoza

    If I'm participating in other contest is no problem if I participate in this one too?