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[3rd Prize] Korea's Secret Weapon (한국에 남겨진 비장의 무기)

August 30, 2019


Rafael Milliati Ramalho(Brazil) - Korea's Secret Weapon (한국에 남겨진 비장의 무기)

Hello, I am Rafael(라파엘) from Brazil. In this video, I am sharing about aspects in Korean History, Culture and Philosophy  that made me admire and love it. There is something very special about one of those in particular which in 2019 is turning 100 years old. Check it out :)

#talktalkkorea 2019 .The camera man and editor, my lifetime friend 박세종 형님 and a new friend I have just met on the day we filmed everything 전득호씨 also deserve the credits for this video, thank you very much for your help !

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