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Constitution and Government

Independent Organizations

Independent Organizations

Independent Organizations

The Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court was established in September 1988 as a key part of the constitutional system. The Constitution of the Sixth Republic, based on the Korean people's deep enthusiasm for democracy, adopted a new judicial review system - the Constitutional Court - to safeguard the Constitution and to protect the people's basic rights by establishing special procedures for the adjudication of constitutional issues.

The Court is empowered to interpret the Constitution and to review the constitutionality of all statutes, to make judicial decisions on impeachment or on dissolution of a political party, and to pass judgment in competence disputes and constitutional complaints.

The Court is composed of nine Justices. The term of office for Justices is six years and is renewable.

National Election Commission

In accordance with Article 114 of the Constitution, the National Election Com-mission was established as an independent constitutional agency on a par with the National Assembly, the administration, courts and the Constitutional Court for the purpose of fair management of elections and national referenda. It also deals with administrative affairs concerning political parties and political funds.

The tenure and status of each Election Commissioner is strictly guaranteed as prescribed in the Constitution so that they can execute their duties without any external interference.

National Human Rights Commission

The Commission was established in 2001 as a national advocacy institution for human rights protection. It is committed to the fulfillment of human rights in a broader sense, including dignity, value and freedom of every human being, as signified in international human rights conventions and treaties to which Korea is a signatory.

The Commission is comprised of 11 Commissioners including the Chairperson, 3 Standing Commissioners and 7 Non-standing Commissioners. Among the 11 Commissioners, 4 are elected by the National Assembly, 4 are nominated by the President, and 3 are nominated by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and then approved by the President.

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