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An interview with a haenyeo female diver
Feb 15, 2017
One of the Jeju treasures is the traditional figure of the haenyeo female divers of the island (해녀). For centuries, female divers played a key role in the economy of the island by harvesting shellfish and seaweed. Known for their fierce character, they were inscribed on the repre...


Organic market promotes natural famers, healthy eating
Feb 01, 2017
Today we meet Park Suh Ran, founder of the Gre-eat Market, a collaborative project that aims to increase awareness about healthy lifestyles and food in Korea by connecting food professionals, organic farmers and consumers. The market hopes to be a platform where it would be possi...


Purme Foundation helps build disabled-friendly world
Jan 31, 2017
There’s one person who has dedicated everything he’s got to building hospitals designed solely to treat people with disabilities. He is the executive director of the Purme Foundation, Paik Kyung-hak. He has put all his wealth and all his heart into making the world a happier and ...


Korea in the letters of a non-Korean
Jan 25, 2017
Our history begins in 2008 with the first visit to Korea by the Colombian journalist and writer Andres Felipe Solano. He met Yi Soojeong, who later became his wife and with whom he would return to Korean in 2012 to live there.Solano not only had to adapt to a new society and lang...


Enjoy food that brings people, cultures together
Jan 24, 2017
For Hideko Nakagawa, cooking and food are fun and joy in and of themselves. Students come to her classes to learn how to cook and to enjoy the food and conversation. Nakagawa poses for a photo in her kitchen.“Food brings joy. It connects people and builds relationships.”So said H...


SGC's Paul Carver & his beautiful bond with Korea
Jan 10, 2017
Seoul Global Center Head Paul Carver is going all-out to help expatriates in Korea, based on his life and experiences here as an overseas student, a worker and a father in a multicultural family. The center consults with more than 100 non-Korean organizations or companies a day, ...


Hanbok Story on the Nile River
Nov 30, 2016
Professor Lee Seung-hae (left), Honorary Reporter Esraa Elzeny (center) and Professor Choi Mi-sook pose for a photo at the Korean Cultural Center in Cairo. Over two weeks, we enjoyed making heori chima dresses. A chima is a basic bottom dress-like article of clothing ...


'Expand cultural exchanges to the countryside'
Oct 24, 2016
Qu Zhe, producer of the recent 'Indepth Travel Across Korea,' a special episode of the CCTV-7 travel program 'Traveling to Beautiful China's Rural Towns,' says that his program will continue to show more parts of the Korean countryside, beyond the capital, Seoul, which has been t...


Korean aid, economic growth point way to future
Oct 21, 2016
Korea has transformed itself from an aid beneficiary to an aid provider. The country holds the indigenous, precious asset of having accomplished economic development, all while overcoming the difficulties of war and all within a relatively short period of time. Many countri...


Korea's farewells to Shimon Peres, Israel's last foundi...
Oct 05, 2016
Shimon Peres (1923-2016), a former Israeli president and an advocate for peace across the Middle East, passed away on Sept. 28 at the age of 93. As one of the last surviving pillars of Israel's founding generation, Peres played a key role in negotiating the 1993 Oslo Peace Accord...