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‘I've come to Korea to learn ballet’
Feb 16, 2015
Two Western ballerinas were working on their moves along with other dancers in a practice studio at the Korean National University of Arts' (KNUA) southern Seoul campus in Seocho-dong. They were Ilaria Martucci, a 20-year-old ballerina from Rome and Stephanie Schenberger, a 17-ye...


'Our lives are translations themselves'
Feb 12, 2015
The legend of the Tower of Babel is derived from the pride of humans who believed their capabilities could outperform those of the Creator. Due to their arrogance, the Creator made many languages, which created difficulties in communication. In the end, the Tower of Babel was des...


Solo sailor Kim Seung-jin passes hazardous Cape Horn
Feb 09, 2015
Skipper Kim Seung-jin's yacht, the Arapani, currently on an around-the-world solo sailing trip, passed Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of South America, at 10:40 p.m. on February 2. Cape Horn is often referred to as the "Mount Everest of Sailing" and is regarded among yachtsmen a...


Love for mountains, people
Jan 30, 2015
“I liked mountains and the people who were with me,” said Kim Young-mi with a smile when asked why she became a mountain climber. Kim unveiled a shiny smile when talking about mountains. She suffered freezing cold temperatures, below minus 40 Celsius, and the hardships of climbin...


Green street lamps light the world
Jan 27, 2015
A team of young innovators have recently been spotlighted for their installation of environmentally-friendly solar powered street lamps in dark alleyways across the capital. They call their work the City Firefly Project, as they modeled their street lamps after the firefly, a sma...


Translating Korean literature: hard, but exciting
Jan 26, 2015
“The more you learn Korean, the more interesting it gets. It is not easy to catch and deliver the meaning and the right feeling when dealing with classical literary works, four-character Chinese idioms or unique, folk expressions. Very occasionally, however, I get it right and th...


Learning about Korea through literature, films
Jan 20, 2015
How deep can a person know the culture of another country while living overseas? Instructor Barry Welsh of Sookmyung Women’s University has his own answer: learn through literature and movies. A book he chose in the Korean Literature in English section of a large bookshop a few y...


Music is my destiny: Baritone Kim Seoung-chuel
Jan 20, 2015
There is an old saying that, "Horses should be sent to Jeju Island and people to Hanyang," the former name for Seoul. This statement implies that people are likely to be exposed to a better educational environment in Seoul, and horses would be able to better graze on Jeju Island ...

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Hoping that 2015 will be my Korea Year
Jan 06, 2015
Hello WKBs and everyone else... I hope that I am not too late to write down my New Year's resolutions and wish-list related to Korea. Before I do that, however, let me make a brief note about this year's New Year's celebration, especially for Indonesians, and I think for people...


Love story between London teen and Korean soldier
Jan 05, 2015
In Korea, men in their 20s, especially those with girlfriends and waiting to complete their less-than-two years of conscription, have one thing in common. They are afraid to hear that their girlfriend has, as the saying goes, "worn rubber shoes the other way around," an idiomatic...