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Korean entrepreneur promotes onggi in Netherlands
Sep 22, 2016
Today we introduce our readers to Eliefs, a great project started in the Netherlands aiming to bring beautiful and eco-friendly, sustainable products based on Asian philosophies and cultures to Western markets, inspired by the Korean traditional process of fermentation using ongg...

Kim_Hyeon_jeong_Artist_New Exhibition_MAIN.jpg

Actress-turned-painter draws God-given gifts
Sep 22, 2016
Actress and painter Kim HyunJung’s ‘Prayer’ features a stuffed rabbit named Lala, which represents the artist’s inner soul. Actress and painter Kim HyunJung is returning to the scene with a new solo exhibition for the first time in two years, the second of her solo exhibits....


Korea through the eyes of Australian missionaries
Sep 13, 2016
A family portrait shows Dr. James Mackenzie (left) with his two daughters Catherine (second from left) and Helen, and his wife Mary Kelly. The Mackenzie family, originally from Australia, lived in Busan as missionaries for over 60 years, starting in 1910. In 1910, an Austral...


Latina YouTuber promotes Korea in Spanish
Sep 05, 2016
Third-year Korea University student Nalu is the creator and star of 'Latina Saram,' a YouTube channel that introduces Korean pop culture and Korean university life to Spanish speakers all over the world. With over 300,000 subscribers, Nalu was recently tapped by Korea University ...


From poverty to prosperity, onward toward coexistence (...
Aug 29, 2016
(continued from part 1) - By contemporary Korean standards, you're a top-notch elite. An easier career would have been guaranteed if you had taken the exam to become a judge, but instead you came here. Why? In reality, it wasn't easy to put what I've learned into practice. Fir...


'Koreans are good at making funny jokes'
Aug 26, 2016 recently sat down with a German college student who came to know Korea while reading comic books in high school. Lisa Scheidig from Ewha Womans University, who is from Thüringen in Germany, goes back home next month after studying for a year in Korea. She has actively p...


From poverty to prosperity, onward toward coexistence (...
Aug 26, 2016
Cho Hi-bu, leader of the Nunbisan farming community for the past 40 years, says that Korea's compressed growth -- from an agricultural society, through industrialization, and onward toward an information-based society -- over the past half century can even be seen in small commun...


Students from Cambodia, UK realize dreams in Korea
Aug 26, 2016
Special bonds with Korea have helped two students from around the world to see their life goals -- to become educators -- come true with diplomas from Korea. The first-ever female Cambodian Ph.D. holder in mathematics has now graduated from a Korean university. Chan Sony,...


German singer realizes dream to visit Korea
Aug 03, 2016
German singer Jamie-Lee Kriewitz visits the 'K-Style Hub' in Seoul as part of her trip to Korea. She's the winner of a German singing competition TV show last year and is known as a passionate K-pop fan. “I'm so happy to realize my long-awaited dream of finally coming to Korea,...


'Helping others is helping myself'
Jul 12, 2016
The shifting roles and responsibilities played by South Korea in the global community have led the citizens to reflect more on their government's role when it comes to international cooperation and assistance. Experts across many fields have tried to define and understand interna...