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Gimhae, a city with a spirit of challenges, the innovat...
Apr 09, 2015
Mayor of Gimhae City Kim Maeng-Gon says that the city inherits the traditions and spirit of the ancient Gaya Confederacy. Gimhae was the capital of the Garakguk Kingdom, also known as the Geumgwan Gaya. “Gimhae is a kingdom.” This is the definition of the city, according t...


Dreaming of Da Vinci: face scientist Cho Yong-jin
Apr 08, 2015
People often have questions about their own identity. Where were our ancestors born? How did they create human beings that look like us today? Not many years have passed since answers to such questions were considered to be on the boundary of one's imagination. In the ...


County Mayor Cha Jeong-sup says, ‘Come to livable Haman...
Apr 03, 2015
"We will transform Haman into a place with 100,000 people and make sure it is upgraded to a proper city." "We have a floating population of about 150,000, including 33,000 workers who work at 14 industrial complex across Haman," said Haman-gun County Mayor Cha Jeong-sup. ...


County mayor: enjoy beautiful water, nature in Hapcheon
Mar 31, 2015
Hapcheon-gun County in Gyeongsangnam-do (South Gyeongsang Province) overflows with history and tradition. It also has beautiful mountains, like Gayasan and Hwangmaesan. As the nearby villages are surrounded by mountains, the region takes pride in its wonderful environment. The Hw...


Master Koo Young-kook breathes new life into hwangchil
Mar 23, 2015
Golden lacquer, hwangchil in Korean, is paint from a natural source with a mysterious golden hue. It has been used since the Baekje Kingdom (18 B.C.–A.D. 660). The skills to make the lacquer and apply it to craftwork have long been forgotten. Mr. Koo Young-kook is one of a ...


Mountains, martial arts & greenery: Muju's 'trinity'
Mar 18, 2015
Muju-gun County Mayor Hwang Jeongsu talks about his hometown of Muju. Muju-gun County Mayor Hwang Jeongsu said that the mountain vastness of Gucheon-dong, the Taekwondowon martial arts center and the smaller riverside neighborhood of Naedori, which is also part of the ...


Imsil, a county that fills your emptiness
Mar 17, 2015
One wall in Mayor Sim Min's office is covered with an oversized photograph of Bungeoseom Island in Okjeongho Lake. Mayor Sim says that the island and the surrounding lake, covered in heavy fog, is a matter of pride for the county and that photographers can create different pictur...


'Man of Fragrance' takes on more baseball challenges
Mar 13, 2015
He’s nicknamed the “Man of Fragrance" (香男). The title doesn’t come from a cosmetic commercial advertisement or something. It’s from the given name of baseball pitcher Choi Hyang-nam (최향남, 崔香男). The "Man of Fragrance" recently turned 44-years-old, some say past his prime as a prof...


Singer Park Kang-soo: on a journey with a single guitar
Mar 12, 2015
Singer Park Kang-soo accompanies herself as she sings one of her own compositions, ‘Spring is Coming.’ She is not the kind of singer who has a crowd of adoring fans swarming to her concerts. She is certainly not a performer who can dance or give off a flamboyant performance under...


A Special Encounter
Mar 10, 2015
*The following piece is a contribution from Febryanty Putry, a regular reader. She wrote this story based on her personal experiences here in Korea. She is currently studying at Sogang University in Seoul. I never imagined that I would have a really good friend in Korea...