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Jarasum Jazz Festival director In Jae-jin
Aug 22, 2014
It’s not hard to see that In Jae-jin is passionate about jazz. You could say he’s married to it: his wife is an accomplished jazz singer. What really sets him apart, however—he once played the saxophone, but professes to not being blessed with talent—is his brainchild, the Jarasu...


Curiosity leads math development: 2014 Seoul ICM
Aug 14, 2014
The International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM), often dubbed the Olympics of mathematics, opened in Seoul on August 13, where eight prize winners were announced. Researcher Artur Avila of the French National Center for Scientific Research, Professor Manjul Bhargava of Princet...


Kinetic street cuisine
Aug 13, 2014
To tell the truth, street food in Korea is nothing new. On every corner and every street, you’ll find food stalls selling the new, the bizarre and the playful. All the food is designed to travel and you’ll often see high-heeled women walking with a hot dog on a stick or suited me...


Interviews with participants in Exploring Korean Humani...
Aug 12, 2014 interviewed participants in the "Exploring Korean Humanities Together," a cross-cultural conversation project, whose finals were held on August 9 at Ewha Womans University. Click here for details. Werner Sasse, former Korean studies professor at Hamburg University ...

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Sharing a passion for Korea
Aug 08, 2014
It's almost one week ago since I got back from another exciting trip to Korea with some of my hapkido students. After my first trip to Korea, in 1994, I couldn’t imagine that this country would have this great of an impact on me. Since 2000, I really fell in love with the coun...


A journey into steam
Aug 06, 2014
It’s late Friday night, almost Saturday, and the sauna my friends and I’ve come to in Apgujeong-dong is quiet and peaceful, a sharp contrast to the frenetic dance clubs and bars on nearby Rodeo Drive or down the street in Garosugil’s chic wine bars and sake houses. Those are wond...


Interview with Author Krys Lee at the London Book Fair ...
Aug 01, 2014
It was quite exciting to be attending this year’s London book fair at the London Olympia, where Korea was the "market focus," under the collaboration of the British Council and the Literature Translation Institute of Korea. As well as attending themed discussions and other e...


Midnight madness redefined
Jul 30, 2014
In my corner of small-town Canada, shopaholics and fashionistas define shopping as a hobby, a pastime and, in some cases, a lifestyle. Inarguably, no season is more sacred than the weeks preceding Christmas, during which bargain event slogans brandish local newspaper headlines. A...


Yoon Jin-sung: ‘Acting poses ceaseless questions about ...
Jul 23, 2014
For stage actress Yoon Jin-sung, nothing can be either better or easier than to act on stage for an audience. The first time the 43-year-old was under the lights was when she was in college. One of her friends talked her into joining the college theater group. At the time, Yoon w...


Impressed by Koreans' open attitude: Liesbet Ruben
Jul 22, 2014
Every year, the National Museum of Korea (NMK) invites a certain number of international curators and museum experts to visit Korea, in an attempt to experience diversity and to share information about their exhibitions. This year's first guest has been Liesbet Ruben from the...