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My Hallyu Fandom’s Many Faces
Dec 29, 2014
I recently read an article about Hallyu fandom in the Philippines which says that Filipino fans tend to be either of these three: an active fan, a stagnant fan, or a retired fan. According to the researcher Gilbert Que, these three types of fans have developed in the Philippines...


Canadian artist residing in Seoul, Paul Kajander
Dec 23, 2014
Paul Kajander, a 34-year-old Canadian artist living in Seoul, often pays a visit to Euljiro Street. He finds inspiration from the numerous light stores and light displays placed by these stores on the street. Since moving to Seoul from Vancouver in 2011, Kajander has been working...


Hitting the slopes: Korea’s ski scene will surprise yo...
Dec 23, 2014
I’m from Canada, home of the Laurentian and Rocky Mountains. Some of the country’s finest ski resorts are in Quebec and within two hours’ driving distance from where I grew up. I’ve been skiing for as long as I can remember. There really isn’t much else to do during Canadian wint...


Love for Korea over 4 generations
Dec 18, 2014
Director John Linton of the International Health Care Center at Severance Hospital smiles in his office. He is in charge of the center which provides medical service to international patients.A blue-eyed medical doctor speaks native Korean with a Jeolla-do (Jeolla Province) provi...

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The Korean Navy visits Jakarta and puts on its best for...
Dec 15, 2014
Hello everyone, it’s been so long  since I last wrote for this blog due to my busy work schedule.Actually there were so many Korea-related events in Indonesia during November that I want to share here on the Korea Blog. I hope that it’s not too late and the information is st...

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Typographer and printing expert Park Han-su
Dec 10, 2014
Most people who have been raised in the digital era have probably never seen a traditional printing press, which uses movable metal typefaces that are individually selected and arranged for each page of the book.The majority of books are no longer made this way, with digital prin...


Legacy of legendary handball player lives on
Dec 08, 2014
In 1996, a Korean player in his 20s emerged onto the handball court in Gummersbach, a small town in central Germany. Unlike the stereotypical Asian, he was tall enough to reach 2.3 meters, with a robust frame. Armed with both agility and power despite his height, the athlete show...


Director Jung July recognized for her debut film, ‘A Gi...
Dec 04, 2014
There is an expression, “to become a star overnight.” Thirty-four year old director Jung July is one of those who have become famous overnight. Jung just received the Best First Film award for her debut work, “A Girl at My Door,” at the Stockholm International Film Festival in No...


Travelling will set you free: encounters on Jejudo
Dec 01, 2014
People who take a trip and brave to leave their daily routine behind share something in common. They look peaceful, composed and enjoy their freedom. Travelers to Jeju Island who spoke with in the island province were also "open," just like the island itself, known ...


The joys of photography in Korea: when you've got a cam...
Nov 28, 2014
I never knew I would fall in love with photography when I came to Korea almost seven years ago. What started out as a simple hobby has turned into one of my greatest passions. Being a photographer in Korea has made it an even bigger joy. For me, having an endless variety of thing...