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Constitution and Government

Local Governments

Local Governments

Local Governments

The Constitution of the Republic of Korea states in Article 117 that "local governments deal with matters pertaining to the welfare of local residents, manage properties and may, within the limit of laws, enact provisions relating to local autonomy regulations."

Local government heads manage and supervise administrative affairs except as otherwise provided by law. The local executive functions include those delegated by the central government such as the management of public properties and facilities and assessment and collection of local taxes and fees for various services.

Higher-level local governments basically serve as intermediaries between the central and lower-level local governments.

Lower-level local governments deliver services to the residents through an administrative district (eup, myeon, and dong) system. Each lower-level local government has several districts which serve as field offices for handling the needs of their residents. Eup, myeon, and dong offices are engaged mainly in routine administrative and social service functions.

Local Government

Metropolitan Seoul
Office Location : Euljiro
Population : 10.1 million
Area : 606 km²

Metropolitan Busan
Office Location : Jungangro
Population : 3.5 million
Area : 764 km²

Metropolitan Incheon
Office Location : Guwol-dong
Population : 2.6 million
Area : 997 km²

Metropolitan Daegu
Office Location : Gongpyeongro
Population : 2.5 million
Area : 884 km²

Metropolitan Daejeon
Office Location : Hyangchongil
Population : 1.5 million
Area : 540 km²

Metropolitan Gwangju
Office Location : Chipyung-dong
Population : 1.4 million
Area : 501 km²

Metropolitan Ulsan
Office Location : Shinjung 1-dong
Population : 1.1 million
Area : 1,057 km²

Gyeonggi-do (Province)
Office Location : Suwon
Population : 11.0 million
Area : 10,182 km²

Gangwon-do (Province)
Office Location : Chuncheon
Population : 1.5 million
Area : 16,873 km²

(North Gyeongsang Province)
Office Location : Daegu
Population : 2.6 million
Area : 19,026 km²

(South Gyeongsang Province)
Office Location : Changwon
Population : 3.1 million
Area : 10,521 km²

(North Chungcheong Province)
Office Location : Cheongju
Population : 1.5 million
Area : 7,432 km²

(South Chungcheong Province)
Office Location : Daejeon
Population : 1.9 million
Area : 8,600 km²

(North Jeolla Province)
Office Location : Jeonju
Population : 1.8 million
Area: 8,052 km²

(South Jeolla Province)
Office Location : Muan-gun
Population : 1.8 million
Area : 12,074 km²

Jeju Special Self-Governing
Office Location : Jeju City
Population : 0.5 million
Area: 1,848 km²

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