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Korean Literature
Are you curious about the way in which literature from modern-day Korea is growing in popularity around the world? By translating and publishing Korean literary works in more than 30 languages, and publishing many of the works overseas, the Literature Translation Institute of Kor...

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King Sejong Institute's Enjoyable Korean
There is now a new website where you can learn Korean language and read Korean fairy tales at anytime, from anyplace. This is possible at the Sejong Institute World's new website, Nuri-Sejonghakdang in Korean. Run by the King Sejong Institute Foundation (KSIF), an international organization that promotes Korean languag...


Recent years have seen Korea’s television dramas and movies mesmerizing an international audience across the world, a phenomenon described as the “Korean wave.” Korea’s popular music or K-pop has similarly enjoyed great popularity with overseas audiences. While all this has been going on, Korea’s classical musicians, a...


The HanStyle section invites you to look into Korea's unique lifestyle and cultural assets through its language, traditional food, clothes, architecture, music, and paper. By combining ”Han(韓),” a word embracing the comprehensive traditional culture of Korea and ”Style” meaning manners or rules, HanStyle refers to the ...


Korean Wave
The Korean wave refers to the phenomenon of Korean entertainment and popular culture rolling over the world with pop music, TV dramas, and movies. Also known as "Hallyu" in Korean, the term was first coined by the Chinese press in the late 1990s to describe the growing popularity of Korean pop culture in China. Over ...