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Dokdo & East Sea

Dokdo & East Sea

Dokdo in the East Sea is Korean territory, geographically and by international law. Japan's attempts to seize Dokdo deny historical records.

Not only has the East Sea designation been in continuous use for over 2,000 years, it is also inappropriate to name a sea after a single country. In this menu, we provide the Korean government's official positions on Dokdo and the East Sea, accompanied by related historical records and multimedia content.

Start of the Korean Peninsula Dokdo

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East Sea and Dokdo through Maps and Photos

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Basic Position of the Goverment of the Republic of Korea on Dokdo

Learn more about Dokdo, Korea's eastern-most island (12 languages)Dokdo MuseumDokdo Research Institute, Northeast Asian History FoundationGyeongsangbuk-do Province


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East Sea

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Dokdo’s underwater paradise revealed
Oct 25, 2016
Italian underwater photographer Guglielmo Cicerchia wins the gold prize in the close-up category of the Ulleungdo-Dokdo International Underwater Photography Competition 2...


Dokdo ecological survey reveals 594 new species
Sep 27, 2016
Scientists have recently revealed that a total of 594 new organisms, including three species previously not found in Korea and 124 species previously not found in or arou...