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Korea strives to spread its climate forecast technology
Dec 10, 2012
Korea has completed a ‘green triangle’ by establishing the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and Green Technology Center-Korea (GTC-K) along with hosting the headquarters of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) in Korea. Leading environmental preservation and preparation for climate c...


Korea’s vertical farms envision a greener future
Nov 28, 2012
Imagine a skyscraper inhabited not by people but by plants, where robots monitor spaces that have been technologically equipped to mimic a natural environment. From sunlight to carbon dioxide levels, the meticulously adjusted indoor environment allows for continuous plant growth ...


Smart insights into smart content
Nov 21, 2012
As mobile devices and various “smart” tools become increasingly common, the demand for creative content that can maximize the capabilities of these innovations is also growing. In Korea, especially, where over 60 percent of the country uses a smartphone and 95 percent of househol...


Pedestrian navigation app is ready
Oct 23, 2012
The Ministry of Land Transport and Maritime Affairs (MLTM) announced that as a co-project with Seoul National University, a smart phone navigation app for pedestrians is ready for service. The team, led by engineering Professor Yoo Ki-yun from Seoul National University, developed...


Korea’s first “aboveground” subway unveiled
Oct 04, 2012
A new transportation system that combines the reliability of subways with the convenience of buses has arrived in Korea. The country’s new administrative capital, Sejong City, launched Korea’s first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system on September 19. The new, domestically-developed s...


Tentative schedule for a rocket launch in October
Sep 21, 2012
Korea has tentatively set a date next month for the launch of the Naro-1 rocket, in a third attempt to send the country's first-ever rocket into space. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology announced on September 11 that it would launch the rocket in late October betw...


Korea's first home-built rescue and salvation ship laun...
Sep 12, 2012
The Korean Navy unveiled its first domestically produced rescue and salvage ship at a shipyard in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do, on September 4. The 3,500-ton ship, named Tongyeong, was launched for the first time. The ATS-II ship was built to rescue ships in distress, tow away ships d...


Korea counts over 30 million smartphone users
Sep 11, 2012
Since Korea became the first country to pass 100 percent wireless penetration, the number of smartphone users in the country has continued to grow, surpassing 30 million in mid-August. Korea now has over 30 million smartphone users, with recent studies showing that the number o...


New possibilities for organ transplants from pigs to hu...
Aug 21, 2012
When his team’s transplant of a pig’s pancreatic islet tissue to four diabetic monkeys was confirmed a success, Park Seong-hoe (a professor of pathology at Seoul National University College of Medicine) experienced mixed feelings. This success was not merely about overcoming the ...


Trek smart with IT through Korea's national parks
Aug 16, 2012
New items have appeared on the packing lists of hikers and travelers headed to Korea's national parks this summer. On forest trails and mountain clearings that appear otherwise untouched by the spoils of modern gadgetry, smartphones and smart tablets have become a common sight. A...