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Explore new technology at World IT Show
May 15, 2012
Much of the cream of the crop of the IT industry worldwide has gathered in Seoul for the World IT Show, where cutting-edge IT companies from around the world show off their new technology and ideas in a variety of creative ways. Kicking off on May 15 at COEX in Seoul, the World I...


Yeosu Expo: the future of IT expos
May 11, 2012
Korea is showing off its IT infrastructure at the Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea. Various facilities and buildings at the venue make use of such technology including near field communication (NFC), geographic information system (GIS), and radio frequency identification (RFID). It is expec...


Welcoming Korea’s first mass-produced electric car
May 04, 2012
The Ministry of Environment (MOE) has announced a goal to deploy an additional 2,500 electric cars by the end of 2012. To commemorate the kickoff of this and related policy initiatives designed to encourage electric vehicle deployment throughout Korea, the MOE held a ceremony on ...


April: the month of science in Korea
Apr 13, 2012
As April is the month of science in Korea, government agencies and regional administrations including the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology are offering nearly 700 programs and events nationwide in this month. First, the 45th anniversary ceremony of Science Day will ...


Korea extends education aid
Apr 11, 2012
The Republic of Korea is considered to be on equal footing with advanced countries in science and technology. The International Institute for Management and Development in Geneva, Switzerland (better known as IMD), ranked South Korea fifth in scientific infrastructure, 11th in pa...


Robot-friendly Korea
Apr 09, 2012
Oh Jun-ho, professor of mechanical engineering at KAIST and HUBO research team leader, with a HUBO prototype (Photo: Yonhap News)From manufacturing and medical services to education and national defense, Korea has a robot to meet your needs. Since being identified in 2003 as one ...


Korean mutation information available online
Apr 05, 2012
The Korea National Institutes of Health (KNIH) announced on April 2 that the content of the Korean Mutation Database (KMD) was selected as "In This Issue" for the April issue of Human Mutation, an international journal of genetics and heredity. "The KMD is a country-specific gen...


Sejong City to have Korea's first smart school
Mar 16, 2012
An electronic message board displays real-time notifications (Photo: Gonggam Korea).Korea’s first smart school opened on March 2 in Sejong Special Autonomous City, a special administrative district in Chuncheongnam-do (South Chungcheong Province).   Hansol High School...


LEDs and smart grids: keys to Korea's green technology
Mar 08, 2012
Korea is strong in the smart grid and LED industries. As those industries are expected to lead the world, the Korean government has spared no effort or money on the R&D and the creation of a market for those industries. The government’s support for the smart grid and LED indu...


The icebreaker ARAON exploring the Antarctic
Feb 21, 2012
The name of the icebreaker ARAON is derived from Korean words 'Ara' for Sea and 'On' for All and represents a project to cruise around the world (photo courtesy of Korean Polar Research Institute). On Jan. 11, around 11:15 am, the RV Araon received an emergency call while at bert...