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US media hail Korea's response to coronavirus threat

From China

Passengers arriving at Incheon International Airport's Terminal 1 from China on Feb. 5 move to an arrival section specifically for people who departed from China. (Yonhap News)

By Kim Hwaya 

Korea's efforts to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus have attracted U.S. media attention.

The ABC News video "How airports are trying to prevent coronavirus from spreading" on its official Facebook account has attracted 1.09 million views as of Feb. 7. Uploaded on Jan. 23, it shows news anchor Bob Woodruff traveling from the epicenter of the outbreak -- Wuhan, China -- to Incheon International Airport.


A video uploaded on Jan. 23 to ABC News' official Facebook account shows news anchor Bob Woodruff traveling from Wuhan, China, to Incheon International Airport. (Screen capture from ABC News' Facebook page)

In the video, Woodruff said, "On the way out of the plane, we stopped, they (staff) actually took this little gun and measured my temperature on the way in. And then they just gave us little wipes so (that) we (could) clean off our skin," adding, "Clearly, they're cleaning everything, even on the rails. Wherever people's hands are, they clearly want to see it cleaned up."

In addition, Business Insider (BI), an American financial and business news website, on Feb. 6 praised the Korean government's quick reaction to prevent the coronavirus. 

In her article titled "I was traveling in South Korea as the coronavirus struck, and I was amazed at how the country sprang into action," BI reporter Kate Taylor said, "I was struck by the ubiquity of signs about preventing the spread of the virus in Seoul." 

"I was impressed and surprised by how Seoul and the South Korean government responded to the threat of coronavirus."

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