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Korea gets ready for London Olympics
Apr 19, 2012
As the 100-day countdown begins for the London Olympics 2012, Korean athletes are stepping up their training to get in shape, aiming at more than ten golds and a top-ten finish in medal contention. The national host for the upcoming Olympics is special for Korean nationals, harke...


Korean athletes to adopt simpler names
Apr 05, 2012
The wide variety of romanization styles used for transliterating the names of Korean athletes has often been the cause of considerable confusion in the sports world. In view of these inconsistencies, the Korean government has introduced an initiative that will standardize the rom...


Shuttlecocks flying high for gold
Mar 07, 2012
The badminton training court at the Taeneung Training Center in February was filled with the sounds of shuttlecocks swishing back and forth over the nets. The South Korean national badminton team of 25 men and 23 women paired off and practiced powerful rallies along about a dozen...


Red Devils cheer Korea to victory against Kuwait
Mar 02, 2012
The South Korean national football team has advanced to the next stage of World Cup qualifying matches, following a hard-earned 2-0 victory over Kuwait on Wednesday night. Despite predictions that Korea would make short work of their rivals, it was a tense game, with the Middle...


Korea to face Kuwait in World Cup qualifier
Feb 29, 2012
The Korean national football team will face off against Kuwait at 9 pm tonight at Seoul World Cup Stadium to secure a spot in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Finals in Brazil. If the Taeguk Warriors win or draw, they will progress to the final qualifying round for the Asian region; other...


Pyeongchang’s Dream Program highlights the Olympic spir...
Feb 10, 2012
Dream Program 2012, an annual winter sports youth festival, kicked off on February 9 in Pyeongchang, the host city of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Youths take ski lessons while participating in the Dream Program at the Alpensia Resort in Pyeongchang (photos courtesy o...


Revival of taekwondo
Feb 09, 2012
As the 2012 London Olympics approaches, the taekwondo national team is faced with two challenges; to win gold medals inside the competitive court, and retain the glory of taekwondo in the Olympic Games. Taekwondo made its first appearance at the Summer Olympic Games as a demonstr...


Korea gains momentum in Pyeongchang Olympic Games prepa...
Jan 27, 2012
Korea’s young athletes, hopeful medalists for the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang 2018, excelled at the 2012 Winter Youth Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria (, exceeding the nation’s initial goal in medal contention. The South Korean team accumulate...


Shooting for gold
Jan 16, 2012
“We will win gold in Robin Hood’s home country, the United Kingdom." This is the mindset and mission of the Korean National Archery Team, the best in the world, as they begin training for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Korea has won a total of 16 gold medals in the span of s...


Rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon-jae sets sights on Olympics
Jan 09, 2012
In recent years, several of Korea’s young female athletes have received the spotlight at home and abroad for the charm and flourish with which they distinguish themselves in sports historically led by European athletes. Along with figure skating, which is dominated internationall...