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Dokdo & East Sea

Dokdo & East Sea


'Dokdo is the proper name'
Dec 08, 2014
Representative Ed Royce, R-Calif., chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs, said on December 6 that "Dokdo" is the proper name to refer to Korea's eastern...


Korea, Hungary to strengthen bilateral cooperation
Dec 01, 2014
President Park Geun-hye and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban agreed to strengthen their partnership during a bilateral summit on November 28 in Seoul. In a joint pre...


Naval drills take place off Dokdo in East Sea
Nov 25, 2014
A navy defense drill took place around the Dokdo Islands in the East Sea on November 24. According to the Republic of Korea Navy, the 3,200-ton Yangmanchun destroyer and ...


International students gather to learn Korean history
Sep 05, 2014
Third class begins at the Northeast Asian History Academy for Foreigners People from around the world are gradually learning more about Korea, moving beyond its mass medi...


'Photos capture masculine beauty of Dokdo'
Jul 29, 2014
Photographer Kim Jung-man admires his own works, on display in a photo exhibition at the Sejong Museum of Art on July 28. (photo: Jeon Han)Photographer Kim Jung-man has c...


President meets Tokyo governor
Jul 28, 2014
President Park Geun-hye met with Yoichi Masuzoe, governor of Tokyo, on July 25 to discuss pending issues between Korea and Japan, including ongoing historical debates bet...


Eastern shore attracts holidaymakers
Jul 09, 2014
Many beaches along the East Sea of Korea are busy preparing for the opening of their annual summer vacation season. A total of 91 beaches in the region will run from this...


Ancient maps refer to East Sea
Mar 24, 2014
An exhibition in Seoul is showing how the East Sea was labeled on ancient maps of the world. Titled as the “Dong-Hae [East Sea] proven through the old maps of the world” ...


New animals, plants identified on Dokdo
Feb 21, 2014
Dokdo, a group of rocks and islets constituting the easternmost point of Korea, is home to 11 newly-discovered animal and plant species found for the first time on the is...


Japanese maps uphold ‘East Sea,’ Dokdo as Korean
Feb 13, 2014
The state legislature of Virginia in the U.S. has passed a bill requiring its state school textbooks to include the name East Sea along with the name Sea of Japan when de...