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National Folk Museum expands its cybermuseums
The National Folk Museum's online resources introduce artifacts and articles related to the history of the nation's folk traditions. Established in 1946, the National Folk Museum of Korea is an archive of the daily life and habits of Korea and the Korean people, covering all...


Explore the humanities
Korea has a tradition and a rich history of the humanities covering many centuries. Its deep traditions of Buddhism and Confucianism produced various philosophical creeds which sought the root of human existence and a harmonious society. The respect and care of each other was reflected in the form of manners and behavi...


Explore the humanities across the country
"Exploring Korean Humanities Together” is a cross-cultural conversation run by KOCIS. It is translation of "Cheong-chun In-mun Non-jang-pan" (청춘인문논장판). The sessions will offer an opportunity for non-Korean speakers to explore the humanities and to visit historical sites across Korea.


Our Readers - Voices from around the world
Love, affection and compassion for your neighbor -- jeong in Korean -- is a common value across humanity, transcending borders and time. As civilization progresses, many countries are becoming neighbors in the global village. Stories of daily romance, friendship and helping each other during times of distress are movin...


Korea via Stamps - Great stories in small frames
Stamps are a snapshot of history, recording meaningful events, notable figures and objects of the times. Korea's modern postal history dates back to late 19th century during Joseon times. The intertwined postal network kept remote communities in touch with each other by means of letters, parcels and, in more ...


Korea Close-up's "Korea Close-up" collection of articles highlights the vast range of diversity and variance that exists across the cities and countryside of Korea. We will unveil stories from the past and feature information about modern industries, covering official government policy, the arts, traditional crafts, intervi...


Insight into Korea's long-lasting brands takes a look at a range of long-lasting brands and successful firms, companies that have won over the hearts of domestic consumers and are now branching out overseas.

Sophie_Bowman_profile_L2sss.jpg, world meet in agora would like to hear from our readers and other people from around the world as they compare and contrast their home cultures and Korean culture, and to enhance communication with them online despite any geographic distance or language or cultural barrier. Here, you can also look at the stories and photos of ...


All about MERS
Here, you can learn more about the Middle East respiratory syndrome, or MERS, and protect yourself from the disease.


Korea Grand Sale
"Korea Grand Sale" will be held for 79 days from August 14th to October 31st, with more special and unprecedented benefits, in order to recover quickly from the shrunk tourism demand to Korea and to activate domestic economy including travel industry.Some of the greatest benefits for foreign visitors include 80% discou...


Pope brings message of love to Korea
Pope Francis paid a visit to Korea to conduct a dedication mass and a beatification on August 15 in Daejeon. He visited the sacred grounds of the Haemi, a religious site in Seosan, Chungcheongnam-do (South Chungcheong Province), among other things. The beatification was for Paul Yoon Ji-chung (1759-1791), the firs...