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Dokdo & East Sea

Dokdo & East Sea


Old Japanese maps mark Dokdo as Korean territory
Apr 06, 2012
This 1892 map codes different parts of Japanese territory with different colors. The Shimane Prefecture, which today claims jurisdiction over Dokdo, is coded in orange. U...


East Sea ad published in Wall Street Journal
Mar 14, 2012
The front page of the Wall Street Journal Asia featured a Hangeul advertisement for Donghae, or the East Sea, on March 14.On March 14, the front page of the Wall Street J...


Seminar on “East Sea” notation opens in Brussels
Mar 12, 2012
A lively discussion on geography took place from March 7 to March 9 in Brussels, Belgium, where scholars from around the world met for the 18th International Seminar on S...


French encyclopedia publisher adopts ‘East Sea’ denomin...
Feb 24, 2012
French publisher Larousse used the term 'East Sea' in the 2012 editions of Le petit Larousse (photo : Yonhap News).Two leading French publishers, Larousse and Michelin, h...


Dokdo billboard, Dokdo rap -- now Dokdo crane
May 12, 2010
Following on from billboards, newspaper ads and rap songs, now there’s a crane that promotes Korea’s Dokdo Island. Two Korean-Americans who are in the signboard busines...


Field trip on Dokdo patrol ships becomes popular
Jul 09, 2010
The East Sea Coast Guard in Gangwon-do (Gangwon Province) announced that the number of visitors coming to see Dokdo patrol boats has shown a sharp increase since the unex...


Old Japanese map that marks East Sea as [Sea of Joseon]...
Jul 15, 2010
The National Archives of Korea (NAK) of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security announced Monday (Jul. 12) that they had restored the early 19th century Japane...


School textbooks to expand sections on Dokdo Island
Jul 15, 2010
Korea’s Dokdo Island is expected to be covered more widely in school textbooks. The Minister of Education, Science and Technology Ahn Byong-man revealed during his Jun....


East Sea advertisement in L.A.
Jul 21, 2010
He has done it again. A Korean-American who put up a giant billboard that held a sign in support of Korea’s sovereignty over Dokdo Island along one of the highways in L...


Korea to build marine science research center on Dokdo
Apr 06, 2011
The Korean government will build a comprehensive marine science research center on Dokdo, Korea's easternmost island, in order to effectively strengthen its sovereignty.T...