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Remembering sacrifices while moving toward the future
Jun 08, 2015
People visit the Seoul National Cemetery on June 5. Korea's Memorial Day, which falls on June 6, is a day when people pay respect to the souls of all the fallen heroes who died protecting their nation and when people are reminded of their sacrifices. Visitors flocked to ...


How do our neighbors in the global community think abou...
Jun 05, 2015
What do Korea and the Korean people look like to our neighbors across the global community? What do you think about the nation's image? Some of you might have in your mind a certain image of this country through firsthand contact. Perhaps you visited or lived in Korea fo...


Korean strawberries loved around the world
Jun 04, 2015
With their vibrant color and wonderful taste, Korean strawberries are loved by people around the world. Korea-grown strawberries are mostly consumed in Asia, but people in North America, including Canada, will soon be able to enjoy the fruit, too. Beginning in November, ...


King's rice planting to be reenacted
Jun 02, 2015
An ancient royal rice-planting ceremony is set to be reenacted at a palace in Seoul. The rice planting will be held near the Cheonguijeong, a straw-thatched house on the grounds of Changdeokgung Palace, on June 5. The ceremony will replicate a ritual performed by the king per...


Interest in Korean books rises
Jun 01, 2015
New York recently hosted a special book fair from May 27 to 29. BookExpo America invited six Korean publishing houses to bring their bestsellers to audiences in the U.S. city. The book fair is one of the biggest annual publishing events in North America. It hosts more than ...


President Park, 'world's 11th most powerful woman'
May 28, 2015
President Park Geun-hye was ranked 11th on "The World's 100 Most Powerful Women" list announced by Forbes magazine on May 26. Forbes said that President Park is overseeing the world's 14th largest economy despite the ongoing confrontation with North Korea. The magazi...


'Light up a lantern for others'
May 26, 2015
The Ven. Jaseung (left) and the Ven. Sungmoon perform an annual ritual on May 25 in celebration of the 2559th birthday of Buddha. "Those who light a lantern for oneself will be entrapped in darkness, but those who light a lantern for others will be considered to have done it f...


'Comfort women' were forced into sexual slavery against...
May 26, 2015
Head of the Japanese Society for History Studies Toru Kubo (second from right) reads a joint statement during a press conference on May 25, emphasizing that it is an undeniable fact that the so-called ‘comfort women’ were forced by the Imperial Japanese Army into sexual slavery. ...


Countryside home to world of conveniences
May 20, 2015
The word sigol refers to, "a rural village,” an area far away from a modern city. In fact, it can refer to any region far from the Korean capital of Seoul, and any agricultural or fishing village falls into the “sigol" category, too. Such sigolvillages are small in...


Stanford Univ. scholars ask Japanese prime minister to ...
May 18, 2015
"Feelings of deep remorse," for its colonial rule and aggression, and asking for, "forgiveness," from the women, in particular, who suffered under colonial rule were the phrases contained in the statements posted on the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center (APARC) h...