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Repaying a 60-year-old gift
Feb 11, 2016
A U.S. veteran from the 40th Infantry Division embraces a student during a graduation ceremony at the Gwanin Middle and High Schools on Feb. 3 in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do Province. Gapyeong is in the center of the Korean Peninsula and it was the site of one of the fiercest battles ...


Enjoy a merry Seollal together
Feb 04, 2016
Children in Hanbok play yunnori, a traditional four-stick board game, on Seollal Lunar New Year’s. Seollal Lunar New Year’s Day is just around the corner and tourist attractions are gearing up to welcome holidaymakers throughout the five-day national holiday. ...

20160203_Incheon Train_th02.jpg

Korea's first maglev train launches in Incheon
Feb 03, 2016
Korea's first maglev train begins operations on Feb. 3. This is only the world's second successful commercialization of an independently-developed maglev train. A maglev commuter train travelling between Incheon International Airport and adjoining neighborhoods launched o...


Korea Grand Sale returns with bountiful discounts
Jan 27, 2016
A wide range of discounts and sale prices will soon be applied to shopping items, accommodations and entertainments on offer to tourists across Korea. This year's Korea Grand Sale is being held throughout February and marks the "2016-2018 Visit Korea Year." The campaign a...

20160121_Amur Adonis_th02.jpg

Freeze cannot stop flowers from blooming
Jan 21, 2016
An Adonis amurensis blooms in January despite the cold weather. A freeze has arrived once again this January. In the middle of the freeze, though, a flower has bloomed. A few Adonis amurensis flowers have bloomed, showing their yellow petals at the Hongneung F...


An ecofriendly life through design
Jan 18, 2016
An environmentally friendly life, in both the present and the future, is being designed here in Korea. The 2016 World Eco-Friendly Design Exhibition, set to kick off in Naju, Jeollanam-do Province, from May 5 to 29, will raise awareness of the importance of ecofriendly de...


3 foods to help stave off a cold
Jan 15, 2016
In order to not catch a cold, it's crucial to consume proper and balanced nutrients. A good diet will help increase your immunity to help you fundamentally avoid any cold. Here are three foods that contain a good number of natural antibiotics and anti-influenza substanc...

20160114_Writing Competition_th02.jpg

Chinese students show off their Korean writing skills
Jan 14, 2016
A group of Chinese students pose for a picture at the International Foundation for Education and Culture in southern Seoul on Jan. 6. The students are winners of the 10th Korean Writing Competition for Mandarin Speaking Students and they visited Korea from Jan. 4 to 9. ...


Korean office workers build school in Lao village
Jan 14, 2016
"Do Project," a Korean volunteer group comprised of young professionals, is on a mission to build a new school for the small village of Nong Bua in Savannakhet Province, Laos. The group visited the village for the first time last summer. During their stay, they gave music...


Fish cake: a must-eat snack
Jan 11, 2016
Fish cake, or eomuk in Korean, used to be a frequent element in a school kid's lunch box. Students would taste the food item all the time, if not from their own lunch box then from their friends’. As people grew up, they would long for winter to come, the only season whe...