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Come and be part of the ancestral rites at Jongmyo
Mar 06, 2015
A select group of people perform the royal ancestral rites, the Sangmangjeon, at the Jongmyo Shrine in Seoul on March 5. On March 5, the first full moon of the Lunar New Year, known as Jeongwol Daeboreum, the Jongmyo Shrine played host to a reenactment of a special set of royal a...


‘Video games become sport in Korea’: Libération
Feb 25, 2015
The French daily Libération recently reported on the video game industry boom in Korea that has helped launch the new trend of electronic sports, or "e-sports." In its February 20 article, “In Seoul, video games are a sport of clicks,” Eva John wrote that, “Such e-sports have slo...


Korean picture books win Ragazzi awards
Feb 24, 2015
Five Korean picture books have won the 2015 Bologna Ragazzi award, often dubbed as the “Nobel Prize of picture books.” The list of 2015 Bologna Ragazzi award winners across four categories -- Fiction, Non Fiction, New Horizons and Opera Prima -- was announced on the offici...


Exotic Korean restaurants engage London diners
Feb 24, 2015
Thanks to the increased popularity of Korean food, more and more chefs are using the East Asian cuisine to come up with new and unique recipes.Recently, JTBC, a cable TV channel, reported about a couple of eye-catching Korean restaurants in the heart of London. The reporter said ...


Lunar New Year's 2015 spent with family
Feb 23, 2015
A child throws the yut sticks as he and his family play the game of yut against another family, in front of the National Folk Museum of Korea on Lunar New Year's Day, Seollal, February 19, 2015. The Lunar New Year's holiday officially lasted for five days, ushering in the yea...


CNN reports on Korea's ancient fortress wall
Feb 18, 2015
CNN's Global Treasure show, a TV program that explores UNESCO World Heritage Sites across the world, recently shed light on Korea's Namhansanseong Fortress in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do (Gyeonggi Province). CNN reported that some 26 new sites around the globe were newly chosen as UNESC...


More than 30 mil. go home for Lunar New Year's Day
Feb 17, 2015
The greatest exodus from the capital and one of the country's biggest national holidays is just a day away. During the Seollal Lunar New Year's Day holiday, travelers who embark on their journey home, hoping to spend the five-day holiday with their loved ones, will face jam-packe...


Celebrate Lunar New Year’s Day with heartfelt gifts
Feb 16, 2015
Seollal Lunar New Year’s Day, one of the biggest holidays in the country, is just around the corner. People spend time in their hometown with their parents, siblings and relatives, people who they haven’t seen for a long time. They exchange New Year’s greetings and words of bless...


Mint unveils commemorative World Heritage coins
Jan 28, 2015
The Korea Minting, Security Printing & ID Card Operating Corporation unveils three kinds of commemorative coins that feature Korea’s World Heritage sites, at the Bank of Korea Money Museum in Seoul in November 2014. Three kinds of new commemorative coins that focus on Korea’s...


Yosemite wall climb impresses Korean press
Jan 27, 2015
The story of two U.S. rock-climbers conquering the Dawn Wall cliff face in Yosemite National Park in California using only their bare hands has caught the attention of many Korean media outlets. Major Korean newspapers recently reported that Kevin Jorgerson and Tommy Caldwell fre...