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Soman (소만, 小滿): Day of Steady Growth
May 20, 2016
Soman, the Day of Steady Growth, falls on May 21 this year. The traditional agricultural day of Soman (소만, 小滿), the Day of Steady Growth, falls on May 21 this year. It is the eighth of 24 solar intervals throughout the year, and falls between Ipha (입하, 立夏), May 5, the Thresh...


Buddha’s Birthday celebrated in Seoul
May 16, 2016
A ceremony to mark Buddha’s birthday is carried out at Jogyesa Temple in Seoul on May 14. Jogyesa Temple in central Seoul played host to a celebration marking Buddha’s 2,560th birthday on May 14. The celebration began with a cleaning ceremony for the temple a...

20160513_Teachers day_th02.jpg

Teacher's Day
May 13, 2016
To mark Teacher's Day, a student presents her teacher with a carnation corsage. "Reviewing what you have learned and learning anew, you are fit to be a teacher." -2:11 [2-11] 子曰。溫故而知新、可以爲師矣。 "The Analects" (논어, 論語) were compiled in their final form in or around 210 ...


Samgyetang lures 4,000 employees to Seoul
May 10, 2016
A 4,000-strong group of employees from the Chinese healthcare company Nanjing Joymain Science & Technology gathers at the Banpo Hangang River Park in Seoul to enjoy a samgyetang dinner on May 6. Over 4,000 Chinese tourists gathered in Moonlight Square at the Banpo Hangang P...


Realizing your dreams will bring a bright future: presi...
May 09, 2016
President Park Geun-hye enjoys a performance with children during a spring outing to mark Children’s Day on May 5. The laughter of children filled the front garden of Cheong Wa Dae on May 5. About 300 children from remote areas of the country or with multicultural backgr...


Korea pushes agricultural processing skills worldwide
Apr 20, 2016
New manuals will explain how to manage fruit after harvesting, announced the Rural Development Administration on April 18. The English-language manuals on the postharvest management of mangos, bananas, pears and strawberries will be shared with 30 countries across Asia and Africa...


Gogu (곡우, 穀雨), the start of the agricultural year
Apr 20, 2016
Gogu (곡우, 穀雨) -- literally "Grain Rain" Day -- falls on Wednesday, April 20, this year. It marks the beginning of the sixth of the year's 24 solar terms, and it falls between the spring equinox (March 20) and the summer solstice (June 20). Gogu is the day when, traditiona...


Journalists discuss world peace, denuclearization
Apr 19, 2016
Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Kim Jongdeok gives his congratulatory remarks at the Journalist Forum for World Peace held at the Korea Press Center in downtown Seoul on April 18.More than 80 journalists from 50 countries gathered in Seoul to discuss the role of journalis...


Korea National Arboretum, covered in yellow
Apr 15, 2016
Spring has arrived exceptionally late at the Korea National Arboretum in Pocheon-si City, Gyeonggi-do Province. Unlike more metropolitan areas which are already wrapping up their flower festivals this year, spring is just now finally reaching its peak at the arboretum,...


Lascaux Caves Paleolithic paintings on display in Korea
Apr 14, 2016
Paleolithic paintings from the Lascaux Caves are on display in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do Province, starting April 16. Cave paintings drawn by Paleolithic Cro-Magnon humans will soon be on display in Korea. The "Lascaux Cave Paintings at Gwangmyeong Cave" exhibi...