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'Being busy is okay. May every day be like Hangawi.'
Sep 25, 2015
Rice cake with a sweet filling, songpyeon, is one of the main foods enjoyed during Chuseok. Mangwon Market in Mapo-gu District, Seoul, serves up various colored songpyeon filled with sweet sesame seeds, mashed chestnuts, red beans and beans. People in Mangwon M...


Mangwon Market overflows with deliciousness, warmth
Sep 24, 2015
Mangwon Market near Mangwon Station along subway line No. 6 in Mapo-gu, is popular for its cheap and delicious street food. TV shows have been known to go there to film celebrities sampling the snack and other foodstuffs on offer at the market. Some of the more famous dis...


Korea to have Black Friday sale
Sep 24, 2015
Many department stores across the nation will take part in the Korea Black Friday sale, running from Oct. 1 to 14. During the sale, discounts of up to 80 percent will be available on a range of items, including clothes. Low-priced, high-quality items will be on sale in...


Korean alphabet, literature as seen by international wr...
Sep 17, 2015
Le Clezio, a French writer who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2008, gives a lecture during the International Congress of Writers Writing in Korean, held in Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province (North Gyeongsang Province), on Sept. 15. Writers and linguists from 15 co...


German soap opera wins Seoul Drama Awards
Sep 11, 2015
(From left) Stefan Gottfried Kolditz, Jana Brandt and Benjamin Benedict, producers of the German miniseries 'Naked Among Wolves,' enjoy the moment as they stand on the podium after winning the Grand Prize at the 10th Seoul Drama Awards on Sept. 10. The Grand Prize...


Hand-made shoes tailored to individual size, taste
Sep 08, 2015
There is an alley in Daegu that smells of leather, leather goods and leather polish. The so-called “Hand-made Shoes Alley” in Hyangchon-dong, Jung-gu District, Daegu, produces a range of hand-made shoes, exquisitely crafted by master leatherwork artisans. The alley ...


KOCIS, Yonhap News Agency join hands to enhance nationa...
Sep 03, 2015
Park Young-goog (left), head of the Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS), and Yonhap News Agency President Park No-hwang pose for a photo, after signing an MOU on working closely to promote the national image, on Sept. 3. Yonhap News Agency and a government agency in ...


Media café changes the way people communicate
Aug 27, 2015
A so-called “media café” has opened in central Seoul, allowing people to meet and communicate with journalists. Launched on Aug. 1 near Hongik University, an area known for its youthful crowds, the [Hu:] café offers newspaper readers the chance to see up-close how events ...


Joseon vessel recovered after 600 years
Aug 26, 2015
An ancient vessel excavated near Mado Island in the waters off Taean-gun County in Chungcheongnam-do Province (South Chungcheong Province) has turned out to be a jounseon (조운선, 漕運船), a type of ship that delivered grain during Joseon times (1392-1910). The ancient vessel, ...


Olympic Park becomes selfie hot spot
Aug 25, 2015
A stand-alone tree, commonly referred to as the Lone Tree, grows in Olympic Park, southern Seoul. Park visitors stand at the tree to take selfies, filling their SNS feeds. “If you're an SNS user, you got to come here. There are tons of images of this tree showing up onli...