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Juno Academy targets Asian beauty market
Oct 19, 2015
Juno Hair, a local chain of beauty shops, opened a new beauty school on Oct. 16 in the Cheongdam-dong neighborhood of Gangnam-gu District, Seoul, and the modern and professional training facilities make the old-fashioned apprentice system part of the past. The new school, ...


Witness world hair trends in Seoul
Oct 15, 2015
Traci Sakosits, regional creative director at the Sassoon Academy in North America, demonstrates the newest hair styles at the Sassoon Hair Show, organized by Juno Hair, on Oct. 13 in Seoul. The Sassoon Hair Show opened in Asia for the first time at the aT Center in Seou...


Koreas exchange final list of separated families for re...
Oct 09, 2015
Representatives from South and North Koreas exchange the final list of family members from each side who will reunite, on Oct. 8.South and North Korea Thursday exchanged the final list of family members separated by the 1950-53 Korean War to join the upcoming reunions, the Unific...


Autumn is in the air
Oct 02, 2015
On the morning of Oct. 2, the Hangang River flows toward the sea underneath a clear, blue sky. After a day of rain, the coldest morning of the season so far was on Oct. 2. Indeed, this year the word ‘cold’ is not inappropriate for early October. People have begun to don ...


Korea in your thoughts
Oct 01, 2015
Dear friends of Korea Clickers, Thank you for your love & attention and for your dedication to Korea and to all things Korean. Our number of Facebook friends now exceeds 500,000 thanks to your continued interest. In honor of this, we'd like to get to know a bit...


Hangawi festivities loved across the nation
Sep 30, 2015
Actor Lee Min-woo performs in the 'Royal Ancestral Ritual and Music With Narrative' performance the day before Chuseok, on Sept. 26 at the Jongmyo Shrine in Seoul. The feeling and importance of Chuseok, the traditional mid-autumn harvest festival that also goes by the more...


Foreign tourist numbers rebound in Sept.
Sep 28, 2015
The number of foreign tourists traveling to South Korea rebounded to previous levels this month following a months-long slump caused by the outbreak of MERS, a senior government official said Saturday. An average of 36,000 people visited South Korea each day between Sept. 1 a...


'Being busy is okay. May every day be like Hangawi.'
Sep 25, 2015
Rice cake with a sweet filling, songpyeon, is one of the main foods enjoyed during Chuseok. Mangwon Market in Mapo-gu District, Seoul, serves up various colored songpyeon filled with sweet sesame seeds, mashed chestnuts, red beans and beans. People in Mangwon M...


Mangwon Market overflows with deliciousness, warmth
Sep 24, 2015
Mangwon Market near Mangwon Station along subway line No. 6 in Mapo-gu, is popular for its cheap and delicious street food. TV shows have been known to go there to film celebrities sampling the snack and other foodstuffs on offer at the market. Some of the more famous dis...


Korea to have Black Friday sale
Sep 24, 2015
Many department stores across the nation will take part in the Korea Black Friday sale, running from Oct. 1 to 14. During the sale, discounts of up to 80 percent will be available on a range of items, including clothes. Low-priced, high-quality items will be on sale in...