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NYT calls kimchi 'Korean soul food'
Jan 23, 2015
The New York Times has praised kimchi in a recent article. The New York-based daily reported in an article on January 20, "Cooking With Kimchi," that, "It is the very backbone of Korean cuisine," and that it is, "eaten enthusiastically at every meal, and daily life is unimaginabl...


NYT recommends Seoul for 2015
Jan 19, 2015
Seoul, the capital of Korea, has been included in the New York Times' (NYT) list of 52 must-see travel destinations for 2015. The 52 cities and countries selected by the NYT this year are destinations that were once somewhat off the beaten tourist path, but which have now become ...


Korea, the Republic of Delivery
Jan 15, 2015
The history of the Korean Peninsula dates back some five thousand years, when the Gojoseon kingdom (2333 B.C. (?) - 108 B.C.) was founded by the mythical Dangun. The people who settled on the peninsula believed in a God of the Sun and were called the Bakdal tribe, meaning "bright...


People avoid the cold with DIY wool caps
Jan 13, 2015
Hand-knitted tuques made from thick wool have caught on this winter. Hand-knitted winter caps using super-chunky wool, thick enough to be compared with the thickness of a finger, have really caught on this winter. Many people, especially young women and children, can be regu...


Media delivers condolences to Paris
Jan 09, 2015
Many media outlets expressed their condolences in regard to the terrorist attack against journalists at the weekly Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France, on January 7. In the attack that killed at least 10 people, including cartoonists and editors, and two police officers, the Korean me...


Enjoy pears and cuisine
Jan 09, 2015
Various pear-themed recipes have attracted media attention recently. A wide range of foods using pears were showcased at a cooking contest held by the Rural Development Administration (RDA) on January 3 in Jangheung, Jeollanam-do (South Jeolla Province). The chefs used pear flesh...


Good Sharing plants seeds of hope in Mongolia
Jan 07, 2015
Located in the northern part of Asia, Mongolia has a continental climate and suffers from extremely cold weather in the winter. Especially in Ulaanbaatar, the capital, nomadic people settled there only a few decades ago, deepening the economic difficulties and creating a shortage...


Get a 3-D look at the peninsula
Jan 06, 2015
A new highly-detailed three-dimensional map of the Korean Peninsula has been created. The National Geographic Information Institute (NGII) recently announced that its newly-launched Digital Elevation Model (DEM) can provide three-dimensional geographic information about the entir...


New Year's celebrated at Antarctic base
Jan 06, 2015
People at the Antarctic Jang Bogo Station, established in February 2014, celebrated their first New Year's at the research base. New Year's Day came four hours earlier there than in Korea, as the east Antarctic continent where the Jang Bogo Station is located follows New Zealand ...


Domestic strawberries go global
Jan 06, 2015
"Sulhyang" strawberries, a domestic variety of the tasty fruit, characteristic for their excellent color, taste and size, are now ready to appeal to taste buds across the globe. Sulhyang strawberries are known for their excellent size and taste. The Rural Development Adminis...