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653main1_20161216_HR.jpg honorary reporters to kick off activities
Dec 16, 2016
Director Kim Kabsoo of the Korean Culture and Information Service (fourth from right, front row) and the sixth group of honorary reporters at the induction ceremony held at the National Hangeul Museum on Dec. 16. The induction ceremony for the sixth group of


Daeseol (대설, 大雪), Big Snow
Dec 02, 2016
The day of Daeseol (대설, 大雪), literally "Big Snow," falls on Wednesday, Dec. 7, this year. It marks the beginning of the 21st of the year's 24 solar terms. It follows Soseol (소설, 小雪), literally "First Snow," which was on Nov. 22, and precedes Dongji (동지, 冬至), Dec. 21, which is the...


Gwanghwamun display shows Korea as seen by the world
Nov 29, 2016
People walking through Gwanghwamun Square take a moment to look at some of the artwork on display at the Talk Talk Korea 2016 exhibition, in Seoul on Nov. 29. "It's so beautiful. Is it possible to rent this somewhere?" On Nov. 29 at an exhibit featuring prize-winning works o...


Chilly clear skies usher in winter
Nov 25, 2016
Visitors stroll along the paths through the silver grass fields of the Haneul Park in Sangam-dong, northwestern Seoul, on Nov. 24, as a cold wave is issued across the nation. A cold snap on Nov. 24 saw temperatures across the country plummet to lows of minus 9 degrees Celsius. ...


International tourists visiting Korea exceed 15 million
Nov 23, 2016
The number of international arrivals visiting Korea between January and mid-November this year topped 15 million people for the first time ever. The number of international tourists visiting Korea in 2016 will likely surpass 17 million people for the first time ever.According t...


Number of non-Korean residents exceeds 1.71 mil.
Nov 18, 2016
The banners along Myeongdong's main shopping street welcome non-Korean tourists from China, Japan, the U.S. and elsewhere. The 2015 national census of population and housing showed that the number of non-Korean residents in the country stood at 1,711,013. The number of non-Ko...


Soseol (소설, 小雪), first day of snow
Nov 17, 2016
The day of Soseol (소설, 小雪), literally "Little Snow," is on Tuesday, Nov. 22, this year and marks the beginning of the 20th of the year's 24 solar terms. It also marks just under one month until the winter solstice, Dec. 21. As the name Soseol implies, the first snows of w...


Chimsil wetlands recognized as wetland protection zone
Nov 16, 2016
The Chimsil wetlands, found along the Seomjingang River in Gokseong-gun County, Jeollanam-do Province, are best-known for its misty landscapes at the break of dawn. The Seomjingang River's Chimsil Wetlands (섬진강 침실습지), known for their misty landscapes at daybreak and stun...


Meeting Korea's past, present through historical record...
Nov 15, 2016
A mother and her baby pose for a photo during a 1959 contest to choose the healthiest baby. As many people weren't well-off at the time, raising a 'perfect' baby was the envy of many. Contests to choose a healthiest baby. Ticket attendants on the bus. Anti-illiteracy campaigns....


Between the fall and the winter
Nov 11, 2016
The Yongsan Family Park in Seoul shows off its autumn foliage. A parkgoer enjoys a stroll with their dog on the morning on Nov. 11. Korea is now between the end of autumn and the beginning of winter. The mercury in Seoul has already dropped once or twice below zero. The day of ...