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Spanish director to head modern art museum
Dec 16, 2015
Bartomeu Mari Ribas (left) poses next to Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Kim Jongdeok after his appointment as the new director of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, on Dec. 14 in Seoul. The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art...

Koreanet_Reporters_20151211_Article_th02.jpg honorary reporters officially begin their dut...
Dec 14, 2015
Members of this year's team of honorary reporters pose for a photo after receiving their appointment certificates from KOCIS Director Park Younggoog (center), at the National Hangeul Museum on Dec. 11 in Seoul. The fifth group of honorary reporters has ...


Grandma storytellers are here to stay
Dec 04, 2015
Childhood days spent with grandma are filled with some of the warmest memories. Perched on her lap, you would listen intently as she recounted tales of fairies, woodcutters and tigers in the woods. Even as an adult, those magical moments sometimes resurface from the recesses of y...


Late President Kim Young-sam 'towered like a mountain o...
Nov 27, 2015
Bereaved family members of the late President Kim Young-sam lay flowers and light incense in his honor on Nov. 26. The funeral for former President Kim Young-sam, who was in office during Korea's 14th presidential term, took place at the National Assembly of Korea on Nov. ...


Korean, Chinese academics seek solutions to conflicts i...
Nov 27, 2015
A Korea-China joint academic conference was held on Nov. 26 in Seoul. It was part of celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of Korean independence and the end of World War II. The Northeast Asian History Foundation (NAHF) and the Institution of International Relations ...


Korean hopes for unification marked in Berlin
Nov 26, 2015
The Tongiljeong Pavilion, a traditional Korean stone and wood gazebo, welcomes people to Potsdam Square in Berlin with its opening ceremony on Nov. 25. The pavilion was set up to embody the hopes of the Korean people and of the entire world that Korea, too, will achieve reunifica...


Persimmon farmer moves upmarket with branding
Nov 16, 2015
On the cover of the red box it says "Natural Garden" (자연의 뜰). As you open the box, you can see that it carries about a dozen glossy orange-red persimmons. The persimmons are as big as a man's fist. As you peel one of the fruits and bite into a slice of it, the sweet persimmon jui...


Coffee cups across Korea
Nov 02, 2015
Coffee is an everyday culinary delight for many people these days. The delight that people find in coffee shows no signs of abating. According to trade reports released by the Korea Customs Service on Oct. 25, the nation’s imports of coffee beans and coffee produc...


Seasons begin shift from autumn to winter
Oct 27, 2015
Autumn rains fall on Oct. 27. Raindrops hanging off the fruit are reminiscent of icicles. Weather forecasters predict that temperatures will drop over the weekend and that Oct. 31 will see winter-like temperatures. The dyes of colorful seasonal foliage can be seen all ac...


World's sacrifices remembered in Busan
Oct 27, 2015
Busan, Korea's second metropolis and a beachside port city, has many popular tourist sites. There is the Busan International Film Festival, of course, but also the Busan Fireworks Fest, the Busan Gijang Anchovy Festival and other festivals that are held year round, ready to welco...