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Cheoseo (처서, 處暑)
Aug 19, 2016
Tuesday, August 23, marks Cheoseo (처서, 處暑), the 14th of the year's 24 solar terms and the traditional end to the summer heat.Cheoseo occurs between Ipchu (입추, 立秋), Aug. 7, the traditional beginning of fall, and Baengno (백로, 白露), Sept. 7, the day of white dew. It usually falls in ...


Malbok, Samgyetang and Bokdarim
Aug 16, 2016
Today is Malbok (말복, 末伏), Aug. 16, 2016, marking the beginning of the final ten "hot days" of summer. On Malbok, traditionally one of the last hot days of the year, people generally eat ginseng chicken soup or other similar dishes to find "balance" between the "elements" in their...


Int’l tourists to Korea top 9.8 mil.
Aug 12, 2016
The streets of Myeongdong, one of Seoul’s main shopping districts, are packed with overseas tourists, despite July's scorching heat. 9,800,000. That is the number of international visitors to Korea counted between January and July, inclusive, this year. The figure is t...


Endangered birds found in southern Korea
Aug 11, 2016
A mother Chinese crested tern bears her egg. The species, considered to be close to extinction worldwide, was found on an uninhibited island in southern Korea early in April this year. Endangered varieties of birds and other creatures are being found one after another across rem...


Korean smart cities reach out to urban China
Aug 05, 2016
The Korea booth promotes models for 'smart cities' at the 2016 China Smarter Cities International Expo held in Beijing from July 29 to 31. The development of new towns and smart cities in Korea has now been presented in Beijing. Information technology, spatial data, energy, sma...


Korean War memorial unveiled in San Francisco
Aug 04, 2016
Korean War Memorial Foundation President Quentin Kopp inspects the new Korean War monument at the Presidio in San Francisco on Aug. 1. A new Korean War memorial was unveiled on Aug. 1 at the Presidio in San Francisco, California. The memorial displays major battles of the ...


Ipchu (입추, 立秋), the traditional beginning of autumn
Aug 04, 2016
This Sunday, Aug. 7, marks Ipchu (입추, 立秋), the 13th of 24 solar terms on the traditional farming calendar and the formal beginning of "autumn" for agricultural communities of the past. Ipchu also marks the half-way point through the farming year, as the traditional farming "sprin...


Passion for Hangeul rediscovered in Seoul
Aug 01, 2016
Winners of a Korean-language writing competition for students from the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in Jilin Province, China, learn about the history of Hangeul at the National Hangeul Museum in Seoul on July 20. "As soon as I saw the Haerye edition of the 'Hunminjeonge...


Korea, Mongolia cooperate on plant diversity, conservat...
Jul 27, 2016
Korean and Mongolian scientists look around the research forest at the National University of Mongolia on July 21, along with other researchers from China, Japan and Russia. They discuss research methods into plant diversity and conservation across East Asia. Korea and Mongolia...


Veterans return to new Korea
Jul 26, 2016
Former South African Air Force Chief of the General Staff Antonio Michael Muller lights an incense stick at the memorial tower at the Seoul National Cemetery on July 26. "Korea gets more and more developed, every time I visit this nation." Antonio Michael Muller from South ...