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Japanese media casts spotlight on Korean TV, music in M...
Sep 17, 2014
The Tokyo Shimbun, a Japanese daily, has highlighted the popularity of Korean television and pop music in Myanmar. The newspaper reported in an article on September 12 that Korean soap operas are enjoying huge popularity in the Southeast Asian nation. The newspaper's corresponden...


British press highlights Korean food
Sep 15, 2014
Korean cuisine has been garnering attention in British media. The Telegraph, a London-based daily, reported that Korean food has started to create a buzz in its article, "Korean food: a spice sensation taking Britain by storm," on September 10.The broadsheet said that Korean-Amer...


Wall Street Journal says Korean one of the best languag...
Sep 12, 2014
Korean is apparently one of the best languages for learning math. Korean, alongside Chinese, Japanese and Turkish, are easier than other languages when counting numbers and when explaining mathematical concepts, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on Septembe...


Seoul metro turns 40 in safety and security
Sep 11, 2014
Chief Inspector Kim Yeong-chae (right) and Kim Sun-cheol of Seoul's subway police unit patrol a car on line No. 2, along with other police officers.This year marks the 40th anniversary of Seoul's metro system. History began on August 15, 1974, with the original Jongno Line, now l...


Plants free cancer patients of depression, anxiety
Sep 09, 2014
The Rural Development Administration (RDA) has found that the presence of plants and gardens may be effective in reducing depression and anxiety among cancer patients. The findings are a result of its “Plants Cure” program. The program was co-conducted by the RDA and Ajou Univers...


Happy Chuseok 2014
Sep 05, 2014
There will be a great migration of people across the Korean Peninsula beginning September 5. Major roads around the country will be jammed with an endless stream of traffic, as cars move at the speed of turtles. Tickets for trains and airplanes have been sold out and there a...


International students gather to learn Korean history
Sep 05, 2014
Third class begins at the Northeast Asian History Academy for Foreigners People from around the world are gradually learning more about Korea, moving beyond its mass media that has been, for many, their sole impression of the country. They are slowly branching out into new territ...


Korean, Danish handball players’ reunion after 10 years
Aug 28, 2014
The Korean Embassy in Copenhagen welcomed a group of special guests on August 23. They were the former Danish women’s handball players who were pitted against their Korean counterparts in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games handball finals. Accompanied by their coaches, the players tra...


‘Let’s walk Seoul’
Aug 26, 2014
Participants in the 442nd Turtle Marathon yell out a cheer and start the race on August 24 at the Cultural Plaza of the National Theater of Korea located on Namsan Mountain, Seoul. (photo: Jeon Han)The Turtle Marathon involving overseas tourists was held on August 24. The race be...


Seoul metro turns 40: city's must-visit stations
Aug 25, 2014
This is the second part of our, "Seoul Metro Turns 40," series. Please click here to see the previous post. "I've been all around the world and ridden many a subway train, but only one's so near-perfect I can hardly complain. It's the Seoul Metropolitan Subway System." Thes...