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RAS helps deepen knowledge about Korea
May 21, 2013
There are many ways to learn about a foreign country such as Korea, and most people would first turn to the Internet for information. However, there is a century-old organization that has tirelessly dedicated itself to Korean studies offline, sharing its knowledge and experience ...


Foreign media nickname President Park ‘Iron Lady’
May 21, 2013
Foreign media outlets have nicknamed President Park Geun-hye the “Iron Lady of Asia” or “South Korea's 'Iron Lady.’” The nickname was popularized in an interview with leading U.S. TV broadcaster CBS during her official trip to the United States. President Park Geun-hye answe...


Former U.S. ambassador, ‘Korea always stays with me’
May 20, 2013
Former U.S. ambassador to Korea Kathleen Stephens was selected as a recipient in the Korean culture category at the 32nd Sejong Culture Awards Ceremony held at the National Gugak Center in southern Seoul on May 13. Former U.S. ambassador to Korea Kathleen Stephens gives an a...

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Events celebrate 60 years of Korea-U.S. alliance
May 07, 2013
This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Korea-U.S. alliance. Various events celebrating the milestone anniversary are taking place around Korea. The ROK-U.S. Navy Band held a joint concert in Seoul and Busan for the first time in history. The navy bands of Korea and the ...


President Park encourages children to realize their dre...
May 06, 2013
President Park Geun-hye said she will work hard to make Korea a country that helps children realize their dreams. President Park Geun-hye (center) hugs a boy at a meeting with children invited to Cheong Wa Dae to mark Children’s Day on May 5 (photo: Jeon Han).Nearly 300 chil...


Heroes of the Korean War return
May 02, 2013
Veterans of the Korean War (1950-1953) from four Commonwealth countries -- Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Britain -- set foot on Korean soil for the first time in six decades. What brought them back to Korea was an invitation by the Ministry of National Defense as a celebrat...


Restored gate to be returned to the public after five y...
Apr 29, 2013
The blackened surface of Sungnyemun gate’s wooden pillars recalls the tragic fire caused by arson five years ago. Now the fresh scent and vivid colors of the restored paint of the gate show the past glory of the national treasure originally built in 1398 as the south entrance of ...


Seoul to introduce all-night bus service
Apr 24, 2013
In one of the most popular moves ever, the City of Seoul is introducing an all-night bus service. Service started on April 19, introducing two all-night bus routes that operate from midnight to 5 a.m. The announcement of the new all-night bus service quickly went viral onlin...


Visitors still flocking to Korea
Apr 24, 2013
“Left South Korea after an interesting trip. Always impressed with their resolve when faced with adversity. Great people,” tweeted Richard Engel, NBC News chief foreign correspondent on April 19. Korea is just as calm as its citizens are, and its airport has seen a continuous inf...


TIME selects President Park ‘100 most influential peopl...
Apr 22, 2013
President Park Geun-hye was selected as one of “the 100 most influential people in the world” selected by TIME Magazine in its April 18 edition. Some of the other figures included on the annual list of the leading U.S. weekly are President of the United States Barack Obama, Chine...