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1950-1970: Korean summers remembered
Aug 01, 2012
For this next month, the online portal for the National Archives of Korea, which is operated by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, will be featuring a collection of photos and videos that give a glimpse into summertime in Korea during the 1950s to 1970s. Haeund...


Books for loan at new forest libraries
Jul 20, 2012
For many people, talk of public libraries brings to mind images of an indoor space lined with neat shelves, maintained under the watchful eye of a fastidious librarian, and mostly silent save for the rustling of pages, the beeping of the checkout machine, and the soft whir of whe...


Korean wave finds welcome in Iraq
Jul 13, 2012
The beginnings of what may become a substantive chapter in the story of Hallyu’s global spread are now underway in Iraq. According to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Iraq, plans are in the final stages for two of Korea’s most popular television dramas to be broadcast on I...


The battle against electricity
Jul 12, 2012
Korea is no exception to global warming. The summer season has recently expanded to approximately six months, from early May to mid October. Tropical night weather of over 25°C is no longer a surprise. As a result, the country’s reliance on air conditioning in the summer is extra...


Historic markets come to life
Jul 12, 2012
Transformation is underway in Korea’s traditional markets. From home delivery services and updated facilities to the addition of budding young entrepreneurs, artists, and fun programs for all ages, the changes in the marketplace are drawing growing crowds. More convenient, more a...


Now playing, films on multiculturalism
Jul 10, 2012
As of 2011, over 1.4 million non-Koreans have come to call Korea their home. On June 27, the fourth annual Multicultural Film Festival, organized since 2009 to spotlight the themes of multiculturalism and diversity that have emerged in Korean society in recent years, kicked off a...


Libraries in Seoul
Jul 04, 2012
There are over 100 public libraries throughout the greater Seoul area, all of which are open to foreigners residing in the city. A summer day spent at these libraries will give you more than just books but also hidden treasures of fun. The National Library of Korea is the countr...


Lions Clubs International Convention wraps up in Busan
Jul 03, 2012
The southern port city of Busan successfully hosted the 95th Lions Club International Convention. The annual gathering, which drew to a close on June 26, marked the largest of its kind for the organization and the largest ever held in the city as well, with more than 50,000 membe...


[Interview] Chinese bloggers explore Korea
Jun 29, 2012
On June 25, Korea welcomed a unique team of 15 Chinese professional and amateur writers, journalists, and bloggers to take part in a six-day tour of the country. In addition to journalists from prominent media outlets such as CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, and Global Times, the group ...


Korean culture fascinates D.C. public school pupils
Jun 28, 2012
Alice Deal Middle School students in Washington, D.C. reunited with representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea on June 7 for a series of presentations about Korean culture. Nearly 150 sixth graders flocked to the auditorium to wrap up a six-month-long adventure delvi...