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Korean test for foreign workers to be improved
Feb 10, 2011
The difficulty level of the Employment Permit System - Test of Proficiency in Korean (EPS-TOPIK), which is used to evaluate the Korean language proficiency of foreign job seekers, is set to increase. The EPS-TOPIK has been an essential element of the job application registration ...

Multicultural families enjoying New Year games
Feb 01, 2011
(Photo: Yonhap News) (Photo: Yonhap News)Women from multicultural families gathering to learn about Korean traditional holiday culture, including how to bow, make holiday foods, and play games.

Essential info for a safe, sound, happy Lunar New Year
Jan 31, 2011
Korea's biggest national holiday – Lunar New Year's Day – is around the corner on February 2-4.This year, people are enjoying a longer than usual holiday, with the three-day break falling just before the weekend.  By taking Monday and Tuesday off, many people have managed to...

Seoul sets new criteria for boiler damage disputes
Jan 28, 2011
Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on January 19 that it established a new set of criteria for dispute meditation between landlords and tenants in the case of boiler damage.Disputes over broken boilers are common in Seoul, especially in the winter months. In order to help re...

Korea still world leader in internet connection speed
Jan 27, 2011
Korea continued to maintain its status as world-leader in internet connection speeds. With an average speed of 14 megabits per second, the nation’s internet connections are seven times as fast as the global average, according to latest “State of the Internet” quarterly report iss...

U.S. woman donates organs to 5 Koreans
Jan 26, 2011
The death of a U.S. woman who donated her organs to five Koreans before she died has created a sensation in Korean society. (Left: A portrait of the late Linda R. Freel (Yonhap News))It is the first time a Westerner in Korea has donated organs to Korean recipients.Linda R. Freel,...

Sorman gives special lecture at National Museum
Jan 24, 2011
French scholar Guy Sorman gave a lecture at the National Museum of Korea, entitled “The Korean Civilization, a seminal asset in the era of globalization” on January 20.During the lecture, which was attended by nearly 250 people, Sorman emphasized that Korea’s “brand” needs to be ...

Korean becomes mayor of Peruvian city
Jan 20, 2011
Jung Hung-won, a Korean residing in Peru, has became the first Korean mayor in the 106-year old history of Korean immigration to Latin America. (Left photo: Jung Hung-won (left) takes the oath of the office on Jan. 2 as mayor of Chanchamayo. (Yonhap News)) Jung was sworn in as m...

Giving a helping hand to Haiti
Jan 17, 2011
(Photo: Yonhap News) (Photo: Yonhap News)A Korean peacekeeping contingent called Danbi ("welcome rain") is in Haiti to help the country recover from a devastating earthquake. They provide clean water, a power station, and medical care.By Cindy Ji-Eon Sta...

Yeongdeungpo Multicultural Village Center offers free e...
Jan 14, 2011
Starting on January 17, Yeongdeungpo Multicultural Village Center will re-launch its popular series of free educational programs for expatriates and transnational immigrants.The programs include six-month Korean language courses and three-month courses in basic computer skills an...