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Korean culture fascinates D.C. public school pupils
Jun 28, 2012
Alice Deal Middle School students in Washington, D.C. reunited with representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea on June 7 for a series of presentations about Korean culture. Nearly 150 sixth graders flocked to the auditorium to wrap up a six-month-long adventure delvi...


Behind Korea’s economic success story
Jun 22, 2012
Recent reports by major international news and media outlets have focused new attention on the factors behind Korea’s impressive economic growth over the last two decades. “The approach taken by Korea to the 1997 Asian financial crisis effectively transformed a serious crisis int...


War veterans return to Korea
Jun 21, 2012
On May 24, a group of former soldiers and their families crowd around an outdoor exhibit of faded photos at the Memorial Hall for the Incheon Landing Operation. A month ahead of the 62nd anniversary of the Korean War, the veterans from the United States, Denmark, and the Philippi...


Korean educational philosophy inspires Harlem public sc...
Jun 20, 2012
“Work Hard. Go to College. Change the World!” A school motto that may sound familiar to Korean people is guiding pupils in one of New York’s public schools to instill a desire to develop their potential and succeed academically and socially. “Discipline, Respect, Enthusiasm, Acco...


ISPA Congress finishes up in Seoul
Jun 18, 2012
The world’s leaders in the performing arts sector gathered in Seoul last week for the 26th Congress of the International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA). Titled “Cultural Shifts,” the congress ran from June 11 to 16, bringing together performing arts professionals from 30 ...


Korean and Chinese medias discuss bilateral cooperation
Jun 13, 2012
The Fourth High-Level Forum of Korea-China Media took place on June 12 at the Korea Press Center (photo courtesy of MCST).Marking the 20th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between the Republic of Korea and China, a forum for high-level dialogue between the Korean and Ch...


Korean universities move up in global rankings
Jun 07, 2012
Korea’s universities are receiving new attention of late, with the recent publication of university assessments placing them among the top-ranking schools in the world. POSTECH, established in 1986, was ranked first in a list of the world's 100 best universities that are less t...


Rebirth of a nation: the Korean War and reconstruction
May 29, 2012
It's easy to forget in the modernity of urban Seoul just how far this country has come in such a short period of time. Today we have skyscrapers and an abundance of food, but just one lifetime ago Korea was one of the poorest nations on Earth, having faced almost total devastatio...


Korean culture, IT spotlighted in Italian press
May 23, 2012
Italian daily Corriere della Sera featured an interview with Culture Minister Choe Kwang-sik in its May 7 edition. “Cultural heritage builds up a country’s nation brand.” This statement by Culture Minister Choe Kwang-sik appeared as a headline in the May 7 edition of Italian nati...


From Prague, a look at Korea’s changing image
May 11, 2012
Czech national daily Pravo featured an article on Korea's national brand on April 20.The April 20 edition of the Czech national daily Pravo featured an article on the elements that define Korea today. Entitled “South Korea is Seeking its own Image,” the piece written by reporter ...