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NYC TV airs show on Seoul NSS
Mar 20, 2012
As the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit approaches, NYC TV aired a special show on the upcoming summit for its “Asian America” series on March 18, inviting experts on nuclear security as guests. Asian America’s 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security SummitFollowing an academic seminar h...


International flight fuel surcharges to increase
Mar 20, 2012
Fuel surcharges for international flights are set to rise this April. Reflecting the current trend of increasing oil prices, the fuel surcharge for a round trip to North America will increase to around 420,000 won starting next month.In order to take the burden off airline compan...


East Sea ad published in Wall Street Journal
Mar 14, 2012
The front page of the Wall Street Journal Asia featured a Hangeul advertisement for Donghae, or the East Sea, on March 14.On March 14, the front page of the Wall Street Journal Asia featured a Hangeul advertisement for Donghae, or the East Sea, referring to the body of water betw...


Therapies of Korean Oriental medicine
Mar 14, 2012
Materials for preparing a decoctionWestern medicine generally deals with the diseased part of the body; Korean Oriental medicine seeks to find the fundamental cause of the disease to cure it. The basic principle of Korean Oriental medicine is to restore the harmony between yin an...


Grocery markets to close earlier
Mar 14, 2012
The Seoul Metropolitan Government is going to announce a new ordinance regarding the operating hours of large grocery markets including Super Super Markets (SSM) in Korea. Large grocery market (Photo: Yonhap News) According to the ordinance and revised distributive laws, those ...


Seminar on “East Sea” notation opens in Brussels
Mar 12, 2012
A lively discussion on geography took place from March 7 to March 9 in Brussels, Belgium, where scholars from around the world met for the 18th International Seminar on Sea Names, hosted by the Northeast Asian History Foundation and the Society for East Sea. In the midst of ongoi...


An ancient medical tradition
Mar 11, 2012
Korean Oriental Medicine (KOM) began to attract worldwide attention when Dongui bogam was inscribed on the Memory of the World Register by UNESCO in 2009. This was the first book of medicine to make its way onto the list. The book is an encyclopedia compiled over 15 years by Heo ...


New school for multicultural children opens
Mar 09, 2012
An inauguration ceremony was held on March 2 for the Global International School, the first multicultural school ever to receive accreditation from the civil education department, heralding a milestone in Korea’s multicultural education. Students at Global Sarang, the Global In...


“Save My Friend” campaigns for North Koreans
Mar 08, 2012
26-year-old Kim Ji You and Save My Friend are collecting signatures to prevent the forced repatriation of 30 North Korean defectors recently arrested in China (photo courtesy of Weekly Gonggam).A petition to prevent the forced repatriation of North Koreans recently arrested in Ch...


Smart way to be smart: visit used bookstores
Mar 08, 2012
Although the popularity of e-books and audio books has never been higher, there have always been book lovers who prefer to read an actual book. Even on a normal weekday at a bookstore, there are always people who are eager to study foreign languages, learn more about life, a...