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End-of-the-year parties are replaced with public welfar...
Nov 25, 2011
More and more local businesses in Korea decide to replace an office party for New Year's Eve with public welfare work (Photo: Yonhap news)Rather than getting drunk at an office party for New Year’s Eve, many local businesses in Korea are deciding to spread warmth and reach out to...


Learn foreign languages from native speakers
Nov 25, 2011
While English is taught as a foreign language in most schools in Korea, other foreign languages including Spanish, French, Japanese, and Chinese are also becoming more popular in Korea. More and more language schools that teach those languages are being established to meet the i...


Rice transforms walnut cakes
Nov 23, 2011
Rice is transforming from its original form into new types of ice creams, alcoholic beverages, snacks, and walnut cakes (Photo: Openas). There has been a huge change in Korean’s eating habits during the past ten years. The staple food of Koreans, rice, is gradually disappearing ...


Korea's 2040 generation, onscreen and on the pages
Nov 22, 2011
Faced with uncertain prospects birthed by the worldwide trend of the jobless economic recovery, the younger generations of Korea have redefined themselves as a politically and socially potent demographic. A 2010 opinion poll conducted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Touris...


Seoul’s youths come home
Nov 18, 2011
Growing up means more than moving out, but for many young people living in large cities, securing a room of one’s own is a familiar and even necessary rite of passage. In Seoul today, as the costs of rent continue to climb and fewer housing options are available, college students...


Educational animations attract children
Nov 18, 2011
Oops! Ikooo (Photos: Maro Studio)More and more educational animations produced in Korea focus on safety education. The animations plant safety rules and the importance of obeying them in children’s mind by showing main characters encounter and overcome problems. ICONIX Entertainm...


Social enterprises create jobs for North Korean defecto...
Nov 16, 2011
As of this year, a total of 20,000 North Korean defectors live in South Korea, and a growing number of social enterprises have taken measures to facilitate their adjustment to South Korean society.Mezzanine Ecowon and Mezzanine I-Pack, both located in Paju, Gyeonggi-do (Gyeonggi ...


How to find secondhand products in Korea?
Nov 15, 2011
The Korea Communications Commission announced on October 30 that the number of smartphone users in Korea has exceeded 20 million. As smartphones are becoming more popular than ever before, the demand for second-hand mobile phones has also increased. According to industry statisti...


Korea in the world seen through statistics [1]
Nov 11, 2011
Korea has undergone a major economic transformation, achieving remarkable growth over the past six decades and going from the one of the poorest countries buried under the ashes of the Korean War to the world’s 15th largest economy in 2010. Last year, the country garnered recogni...


How to rent artwork for your house?
Nov 11, 2011
Expensive art pieces also can be rented.(Photo: 29Art)There are many things that can be rented in Korea, such as water purifiers and bidets. In fact, those items have been considered rental products rather than something to be purchased for those who reside in the country tempora...