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Korean football fans earn respect in Iran
Oct 22, 2012
South Korea faced off against Iran in a qualifying match for the 2014 World Cup on Tuesday, October 16 at Azadi Stadium in Tehran. Although Korea's Taegeuk Warriors lost to the Iranian team 0-1, a post-game show of sportsmanship by Korean fans has become the talk of Iran's Intern...


More Korean couples choose cost-friendly weddings
Oct 15, 2012
For couples looking to get married, preparations for the big day are often complicated by any number of issues including time, cost, varying preferences, and invitations. In Korea, the question of location has become particularly important, with the relatively high cost of rentin...


K-pop magazine published in Russia
Oct 15, 2012
The popularity of Korea’s pop culture has reached Russia.A K-pop magazine called K-Plus has been launched in Moscow by Russian youths. The magazine widely covers Korean pop culture centered on K-pop and Korean dramas.This September, the Korean Culture Center in Moscow held a cele...


Going vegetarian in Korea
Oct 11, 2012
Korean food is swiftly gaining a reputation around the world, from its exotic seafood dishes and fermented vegetables to its grilled meats and hearty stews. But for a significant number of foreign foodies, these Korean delicacies can be difficult to enjoy. Fortunately, as Korea o...


Over 100,000 Chinese tourists to visit Korea
Oct 02, 2012
As China prepares to celebrate one of its longest holidays, Korea's retailers, airlines, hotels, and other tourism businesses are busy welcoming Chinese tourists. An anticipated 100,000 Chinese travelers will visit Korea over the ten-day break, which is made up of the annual Mid-...


Artists with disabilities defy stereotypes in cross-cul...
Sep 05, 2012
As the energy and excitement of the 2012 Paralympics continues in London, a different yet likeminded kind of celebration has opened in Gyeonggi-do (Gyeonggi Province). From August 1 to October 7, the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art in the city of Ansan is hosting an exhibit entitle...


Learning Korean the fun way
Sep 05, 2012
Hangeul, the Korean alphabet, was created in 1443 under King Sejong (1397~1450), the fourth king of the Joseon Dynasty. One can read King Sejong’s love of the people in the preface of the Hunminjeongum in which he says he decided to invent a new simple writing system since he cam...


Korean baseball, past and present
Sep 05, 2012
From the crack of the bat to the delighted roars of a crowd on its feet, little comes close to the excitement of a night out at a ballgame. Koreans’ passion for the sport is no different, a fact that may have come as a surprise to spectators around the world who witnessed the his...


Typhoons pummel Korean Peninsula
Aug 29, 2012
Starting on Monday night, Typhoon Bolaven entered South Korean territory, wreaking havoc as it moved north along the western coastline of the Korean Peninsula. Regarded as the most powerful typhoon to strike Korea since 2000, Bolaven formed near Guam before heading north through ...


Korea wows with medals, pop music, and smartphones
Aug 17, 2012
When the 2012 London Summer Olympics came to a close on August 12, much talk was made of the issues that had been spotlighted at this year's games. Amid discussions about the influence of social media, the growing presence of female medalists, and record television viewership, th...